Sun 12
Havant Colts 2
Match Report from Broad Sheet Self

Match Report from Broad Sheet Self

By Alison Kyle-Henney
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It's not the size of your squad but the size of your heart ........


In the absence of tabloid man Barnes broad sheet Self steps into the breach to provide a breath of fresh air with an albeit delayed Match Report.
Prospects did not look good as the sixteen men of Trojans gazed forlornly at the myriad players Havant at their disposal during the warm up. But as Coach Cusack always says it is not the size of your squad but the size of your heart that is important and by God did those Trojans boys have heart.
Early exchanges went Trojans way but the Havant boys looked quick and strong and it was they that drew first blood after sustained pressure brought a well worked try in the centre from which the conversion was added.
Joe Green was immense in that first half before injury struck and Barnes, last year’s captain, made his season’s debut after his serious injury last year. The Trojans bench was now bare. An over zealous tackle put Havant down to 14 and Trojans pressed for a score. The catch and drive was going well and a penalty from a collapsed maul was penalised by Joslin’s sweet right boot before Traynor, impressive all game at scrum half, detatched from a maul to flop over the line for a try just before half time. 8-7 Trojans.
Havant shuffled their team and looked impressive again in the early exchanges as wave after wave came against Trojans. But from the pressure all they could achieve was a penalty to take the lead.
The sides were evenly matched and eventually it was indiscipline that cost Havant dear with a full and frank exchange of views between the Havant Centre and the referee ending in a convincing victory for the referee and a yellow card for the Havant player. Careless talk costs games and so it proved. Joslin seized on a loose ball to score a try and Barnes charged down and then loped Gump like to the line for the best welcome back present a boy can have (that doesn’t come from Latvia).
So 20-10, and a fine game of Colts rugby between two competitive and evenly matched sides. I have been to our rivals Havant many times and often been on the wrong end of the result so I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a certain pleasure over the result but the real joy came from the gallant performance that had been put in by every single player.
Man of the Match – Joe Green who exemplified the essence of all we sought to do in the time he was on the pitch. Impressive performance from Kal Traynor at 9 too in an unfamiliar position.

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