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1. Mission Satement

Mission Statement

The aims of the club are:-

• To encourage and promote the development of youth football within Troon and its surrounding area
• To promote the enjoyment of football irrespective of gender, age, politics, disability, race, colour, creed or ]religion
• To provide the best possible recreational facilities with the object of improving the conditions of life for those persons for whom these facilities were intended
• To produce an environment that fosters safe fair play and encourage co-operation and respect for others
This will be achieved by:
• Encouraging, promoting and supporting the development of youth football and sport in general within Troon and its surrounding area in conjunction with community partners, local authorities and the game’s governing bodies
• Developing and endorsing policies which promote equal opportunities for all associated with the club
• Encouraging sportsmanship, respect and fair competition at all levels throughout the club
• Providing an environment to promote and improve quality in all we do

We are committed to using sport and associated facilities to:-

• Build young people’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
• Develop team work, leadership skills and vision
• Help young people discover purpose
• Encourage respect for others
• Develop a sense of fair play
• Be inclusive, encouraging young people of all abilities
• Enable young people to have fun