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Sponsorship Opportunities

Running a club like ours is expensive in terms of buying strips, kit bags, weekly cost of games (pitch hire, referees, laundry, training facilities) etc. and we rely on the generosity of parents and of the local community.

It can take about £500 to buy a strip for a team, and in a season it can cost at least the same again for fees and pitch hire etc.

We allow our teams to secure their own sponsorship for their individual age groups as we believe this fosters a bonding with the age group.

Through its individual teams, the club has many different sponsors who help in various degrees and all are important to the well being and development of the club. We would like at this point to thank each and every sponsor and donor. Please see the individual team pages for details of their sponsors.

If you would like to find out more on how you can help our club and teams, please contact our club secretary George Grant, or any of the individual teams.