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Truro Supporters Trust.

Chairman: Jacob Englefield
Secretary: Lisa Hawley
Treasurer: Lisa Hawley (acting)
Membership Secretary: Jacob Englefield
Communications Secretary: (vacant)
Events Secretary: (vacant)
Travel Secretary: Barry Milligan
General Committee 1: Alan James
General Committee 2: John Paul Creba

Trust Update

With the Trust now up and running I felt that you the fans needed to be aware of our progress so far since it’s inception.
The task of setting up the organisation has proved challenging and time consuming but to make it a success for everyone associated at the club it will be worth it for all concerned.
One of the many objectives we sought to set up and for a lot of supporters was vital for the Trust was to have constructive dialogue with the Club.
On 8th August we met with the Club and their representatives Alex Black & Jack Richards, the outcome is that the Trust will meet every month to discuss ideas and any matters raised by you the supporters.
It is very important and encouraging to have this in place and we look forward to have a very healthy relationship.
The season is underway and Trust membership forms will be available at all home and away games, our membership Secretary Jacob will be at the game on Saturday but please call at our shop where the forms will also be available.
Also we hope to have a download on this page shortly.
Trust officials will also be at the games again around the Clubs short or walking around, if you have any questions or ideas you wish to discuss please seek me out or others at the ground.
We will always try and give you the answers but if something needs looking into we will find the information and get back to you.
As I have already mentioned Alan James has set up the Trusts shop all profits will be put into the Trust where it will be invested towards improving your match day experience.
Finally I hope that with this insight , you can see that we are trying to set up a solid structure for everyone that supports this great Club.

Robin Netherton


On the evening of Thursday 19th September, Robin Netherton resigned from his position as Chairman of the Truro Supporters Trust due to personal and health reasons. Whilst we are going to respect Robin's privacy and not divulge any more information, I'm sure you'd all like to join us in wishing Robin all the very best for his future endeavours. I'm sure we'll all be seeing him at some time in the future back at Treyew Road.

As a result of Robin's resignation, and after conversations between senior figures of the Trust and those at the Football Supporters Association (FSA), Jacob Englefield (Vice Chairman and Membership Secretary) will be taking over from Robin with immediate effect.

We'd like to put everyone's minds at rest and ensure it's business as usual within the Trust. Each member of the committee is working hard to ensure this journey we are all on will be a successful one.