Club History

Club History

By Graeme Cain
15 January 2013
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How the club was formed


Founded in 1978 by D. Blekinsop, R. Robinson and A. Shennan. The club began playing in the sunday league and were then known as The Grove. The club was self supporting raising founds from dances, kids five-a-sides, coffee evenings, raffles and with help from Mr and Mrs W Blekinsop (Land Lord and Lady) of the Grove pub, the club survived.

In 1981 the club joined the North Northumberland league winning Division 2 and the Robson Cup in their first season. Also in 1982 the team won the Sunday league five-a-side and PCC Cup. In 1984 the club changed there name to Tweedmouth Amateurs after the Grove pub changed hands and did not want to be associated with a football club. Also in 1984 the club joined the Border Amateur league winning the Walls Cup in the 85/86 season. The team won the Wright and Crammond Cup. They then went on to win the Yetholm and Crammond Cup in 1988. The club used the drill hall as there base and with help from Betty Clark, Liz Taylor and Hazel Clark the club managed to put on food after games.

In 1993 the club moved to the Kings Head pub and were sponsored by the landlord Mr Ian Stewart who provided changing rooms and showers within the pub grounds. The club also formed their first official committee with Ian Stewart as Chairman, and Liz Taylor as secretary and treasurer. The team also moved up to Division B after ending the season Division C runners up.

In 1995 the club moved to the legion because of a sponsorship that was too good to turn down, They also had to change their name to Berwick Legion. This was the season that Ian Strang introduced the numbers draw. In 1996/97 the team won Division B but only managed to stay in the top flight one season. In 1997 the club left the Legion after a falling out, and changed their name back to Tweedmouth Amateurs. They ran the club from the Bonarsteads pub who inturn provided a set of strips and food after home games. In 1997 the club also started a youth policy ran by Steve Bruce, Robin Clark, Neil Renton and Derek Pearson.

In 1999 the club moved to the Salmon pub at East Ord after failing to secure sponsorship from the Bonarsteads. In 2001 the blub returned to Division C and also the Bonarsteads. In 2003/2004 they won the fair play award, and in the following season they won Division C and were runners up in the Crammond Cup.

In 2005/2006 The Amateurs won the fair play award and finshed third just missing out on promotion. The following year the Amateurs finished forth and again win the fair play award. In 2007/2008 Tweedmouth Colts were introduced to the club, and were run by Matty Clark and Brian Gill, along with Gregor Cumming as secretary, and achieving a mid-table finish. The Amatuers only managed to finish forth bottom in the B division.

In 2008-2009 the Amateurs finished forth in the league and missed out narrowly on promotion once more. They also reached two semi finals and remained unbeaten at home all year. The Colts were managed by Tommy Dixon, and continued to develop future talent for the club.


Managers Player of the Season

97-98 T Dixon

98-99 J Short

99-00 E Jefferson

00-01 T Dixon

01-02 S Kerr

02-03 J Hall


04-05 D Blackhall

05-06 G Bain



08-09 R Aitchison / C Pearson

09-10 M Patterson / I Paulson

10-11 M Gibb

Players Player of the Season

97-98 M Spain

98-99 M Patterson

99-00 H Boyd

00-01 C Pearson

01-02 C Pearson

02-03 T Dixon

03-04 J Hall

04-05 N Clark



07-08 C Pearson

08-09 N Clark

09-10 N Clark

10-11 D Powling

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