By John Short
27 February 2015
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This week John 'yivnaeidea' Short


Name - John 'yivnaeikea' Short

Age - Older than most younger than a few.....42

Position - Can be mainly seen in and around Davo's Lug.

Favorite Position - Taking throw mint at them.

Best pal in changers - Anyone who will listen to my pastime stories about scoring worldies against Langholm and Hawick.

Music for a match day - The reflex by Duran Duran like a bit of Modern Romance as well

Favorite Food - Say aye to a scotch pie, like salt in my soup as well.

Player you would marry - Davo he reckons i flap a lot i also like Tommy's dancing and Sean's break-dancing in the showers!

Best Dressed - Erm Nae idea

Worst Dressed - Caino and his cardigans

Worst Haircut - My own 50 Shades of the worst hair.

Worst taste in music - Anyone who hogs the speaker in the changers!

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