Centenary Club - Winners

The Centenary Club was set up in 1967, as its name implies, to mark the Club’s first hundred years. Its aim was to provide a fund to be used to improve the Club facilities and over the years we have helped towards the floodlights, kitchen revamp, rebuilding project and most recently the changing room/showers upgrade.

The cost of membership is £12.00 per number per annum paid by annual standing order in advance and anyone over 16 is eligible although parents holding numbers in younger childrens’ names is also permitted. There is no limit on the amount of numbers held.

Each month there is one prize of £50.00 and one of £25.00 and in April, August and December, there is an additional prize of £100 meaning that, with full membership, 50% is given in prizes and 50% is available for Club projects. The money held by the Centenary Club can only ever be used for capital projects not for general Club expenditure.

If you wish to join or have any queries please contact:

Lynne Monk
01494 727400 (H)
07850 402760 (M)


John Adams
07941 728009 (M)

September 2014197Thomas Swainsbury£50.00
September 2014149Ian Swainsbury£25.00
October 2014180Lynne Monk£50.00
October 2014104John Samuels£25.00
November 2014084Gerry Sweeney£50.00
November 2014179John Samuels£25.00
December 2014165Maurie Parsons£100.00
December 2014155Ian MacDonald£50.00
December 2014118Tim Sherwood£25.00
January 2015196John Samuels£50.00
January 2015074Harry Hamblin£25.00
February 2015192Michele Nicholson£50.00
February 2015177Phillip Cripps£25.00
March 2015102Brian Price £50.00
March 2015140Malcolm Maclenan£25.00
April 2015034Bob Hall£100.00
April 2015045James Clark£50.00
April 2015134Reg Pritchard£25.00
May 2015020John Adams£50.00
May 2015001Doug Read£25.00
June 2015164James Burt£50.00
June 2015094Sally Cripps£25.00
July 2015135Peter Joyce £50.00
July 2015177Phil Cripps £25.00
August 2015163Liz Hall £50.00
August 2015008Chris Rudkin £25.00
August 2015043Jas Bhamra £100.00
September 2015117Bruce Webster£50.00
September 2015197Thomas Swainsbury£25.00
October 2015119Andy Wadden£50.00
October 2015016Peter Cripps £25.00
November 2015168Mrs Pat Harvey £50.00
November 2015041John Hardman £25.00
December 2015057Tim Hodgson £100.00
December 2015013Phil Raper £50.00
December 2015100Peter May £25.00
January 2016169Doug Read £50.00
January 2016022Simon Weathers£25.00
February 2016176Sean Brereton£50.00
February 2016008Chris Rudkin£25.00
March 2016119Andy Wadden £50.00
March 2016013Phil Raper £25.00
April 2016051Tony Kay £100.00
April 2016066Andrew Morgan £50.00
April 2016085Martin Taylor £25.00
May 2016114John Samuels £50.00
May 2016079Nigel Band £25.00
June 2016184Jerry Francis £50.00
June 2016036Jim Peters £25.00
July 2016198Ella Swanson £50.00
July 2016057Tim Hodgson £25.00
August 2016125Ian Wallis £100.00
August 2016199John Clissold £50.00
August 2016158Tim Sherwood £25.00
September 2016192Michelle Nicholson £50.00
September 2016129Geoff D'Cruz £25.00
October 2016167Tim Hodgson £50.00
October 201655John Clark £25.00
November 2016109Annabel Archibald £50.00
November 201619Algy Alexander £25.00
December 201610Clive Minihan £100.00
December 201645James Clark £50.00
December 201633Iain Brown £25.00
January 201766Andrew Morgan £50.00
January 2017140Malcolm Maclenan £25.00
February 2017155Ian MacDonald £50.00
February 201716Sally Cripps £25.00
March 2017106Neil Brown £50.00
March 201735Mike Holliday £25.00
April 2017122Mae Fisher £100.00
April 2017075Malcolm Maclenan £50.00
April 2017147Nessie Gray £25.00
May 2017113Hardip Sierra £50.00
May 2017012Kevin Hyde £25.00
June 2017118Tim Sherwood £50.00
June 2017172Peter Thomas £25.00
July 2017045Paul Neville £50.00
July 2017100Peter May £25.00
August 2017049Caroline Duncan£100.00
August 2017006Pat Harvey £50.00
August 2017037Lawrence Johannson£25.00
September 2017096Raychel Utting£50.00
September 2017026Graham Sims£25.00
October 2017005Jeremy Davies£50.00
October 2017041Russell Brett£25.00
November 2017147Nessie Gray£50.00
November 2017003Tom Moses£25.00
December 2017057Tim Hodgson£100.00
December 2017076Pat Harvey£50.00
December 2017059Gary Archibald£25.00
January 2018034Bob Hall£50.00
January 2018143Steven Fitzwater£25.00
February 2018024Dave Cornell£50.00
February 2018192Michele Nicholson£25.00
March 2018056Catherine Smith£50.00
March 2018157Dave Moloney£25.00
April 2018180Lynne Monk£100.00
April 2018088Alan Stanford£50.00
April 2018068Siobhan Gamble£25.00
May 2018108John Samuel£50.00
May 2018098Ivor Morgan£25.00
June 2018046Martin Taylor£50.00
June 2018121Liz Hall£25.00
July 2018064Marie Gallagher£50.00
July 2018056Cas Smith£25.00
August 2018104John Samuels£100.00
August 2018179John Samuels£50.00
August 2018020John Adams£25.00
September 2018168Pat Harvey£50.00
September 2018176Sean Brereton£25.00
October 2018200David Horton£50.00
October 2018167Tim Hodgson£25.00
November 2018019Algy Alexander£50.00
November 2018154Barry Clark£25.00
December 2018031Paul Rose£100.00
December 2018066Andrew Morgan£50.00
December 2018125Ian Wallis£25.00
January 2019003Tom Moses£50.00
January 2019143Steve Fitzwater£25.00
February 2019109Annabel Archibald£50.00
February 2019055John Clark Senior£25.00
March 2019106Neil Brown£50.00
March 2019133Mike Mulhall£25.00
April 2019198Ella Swainsbury£100.00
April 2019162Hardip Seira£50.00
April 2019026Graham Sims£25.00
May 2019019Algy Alexander£50.00
May 2019167Tim Hodgson£25.00
June 2019030Joe Samuels£50.00
June 2019102Brian Price£25.00
July 2019112Dennis O'Shea£50.00
July 2019064Marie Gallagher£25.00
August 2019070Bob Minter£100.00
August 2019144John Samuels£50.00
August 2019174Jeremy Davies£25.00
September 2019027Peter Thomas£50.00
September 2019084Gerry Sweeney£25.00
October 2019150Andrew Goddard£50.00
October 2019169Doug Read£25.00
November 2019081Pat Tarver£50.00
November 2019169Clive Minihan£25.00
December 2019183Ivor Morgan£100.00
December 2019029Mike Mulhall£50.00
December 2019160Simon Weathers£25.00
January 2020167Tim Hodgson£50.00
January 2020002Neil Brown£25.00