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U23’s Christmas game

U23’s Christmas game

Giles Ward16 Mar - 14:39
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Massive Win Away at Teddington

Once again we find ourselves in the mud and rain at Bushy park. Our local rivals Teddington hosting the Annual Christmas game at the end of December 2023.
For the first time in a few seasons Twickenham boasted pretty good numbers. Threatening 30 on paper. On the pitch I think we actually managed 28. Which is fantastic. Well done to everyone. Some old faces coming out of the wood work and putting on the black and red for the first time in years. That’s what this game is about.
The game.
Muddy. Raining.
Full of Christmas cheer.
Twickenham take the lead early on. We traded tries for a short while. Finally Twickenham pull out in front and stay there. A thoroughly well deserved win. Bringing the trophy home for the first time in a few years.
Final score 24-14 Twickenham the victors.
See you at home this year in December.
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