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What to look for in the right rugby boots?

What to look for in the right rugby boots?

By vishal vishal
9 March 2020
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What to look in your rugby boots.......

Rugby League players would be thinking of packing up and the season end. But for Rugby Union players, the time of the season is just about to start and with that, it is the time to get to shopping for the right Rugby boots.

While one may think what is there in the shoe, but rugby is all about the shoe, and a bit about you too, just kidding, it is all about the shoe.

If you have the love for rugby you must know how vital the right shoes are for the sport and so we are here to guide you about what to look for in the right rugby shoes for you. Now get going.


There are so many times when we miss to emphasis on how important the measurement of the shoe is. For the perfect grip, you need the shoe to fit on your feet right. So when you decided to try on the rugby boots before buying them, make sure you have your rugby socks on that are way thicker than the regular socks. The rugby socks will help you figure out the right fit as this is the combination you will have on while playing and you would not want to miss a single chance at victory just because your shoe doesn’t fit right. You are no Cinderella.

Ground Condition

This element talks about whether you are a Rugby Union player, the game hat is played in the cold season or do you play Rugby League, which is a summer game. The difference between the two is that in Rugby Union, the ground is hard because of the weather while in Rugby League, due to summer heat and summer rain, the ground can often be soft or muddy. For the softer ground, you will need a different variant of shoes that will work perfectly fine for your counterpart, the Rugby Union player, for better performance.


As we give out A perfect review for the right shoe, you need to know that following the rules is a must. Make sure your studs are 21mm thick as per the rules of the sport. Then understand how it is important to have metal studs and rubber studs both for the excellence of performance disregarding of the weather. Yes, the two do not come in the same shoe.

Lastly, it is extremely important to make sure your boots do not have any sharp edge because it can be dangerous and the referee can literally ask you to take the shoes off. Also, Take a check before every game that the shoes fit perfectly right.

Blades and Moulded Studs

Blades and Moulded studs are the new popular option for most of the players because of a reason. Going the traditional way, it is only possible for a player to get screw-inn studs that do not provide the right flexibility needed for the game. The new and preferred way is to get moulded studs and blades that are safer, provide better grip, and are inflexible. The moulded studs also do not need a change every time and you for sure do not have to keep tightening up the screws if even one of them is loosed out.

Also if you are planning to buy a single pair of studs for both football and rugby to save expenses, it is best to go with moulded studs.


The position of the player plays a very important role in selecting the right kind of boot. If the player is a forward in any of the codes of the sport, they will have to go for protection and grip as the prime important factors in the boots and thus the longer studs work best for the need.

For the back players, protection and grip are vital too but the ability to change directions rapidly and straight-line speed are the most important matters thus it requires lighter boots to perform the actions.

For the occasional kickers, it is important that they get the right fee of the ball to get the perfect idea of the kick and thus it is important for them to have a thinner layer on the top of the shoe.

Coming to conclusion, for A perfect review of the boots you should be wearing. It is important to make sure that the right boot gets a tick on all the boxes that we have mentioned above. While grip and fit of the boot will always be the eminent factor for your performance, ground condition and the player’s position is also extremely important to check before you get on to get the boots.

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