Update -  Mini and Youth AGM 14th June 2020; 10.30 am ; Zoom only

Update - Mini and Youth AGM 14th June 2020; 10.30 am ; Zoom only

By Robin Giles
18 May 2020
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Update - Mini and Youth AGM 14th June 2020; 10.30 am ; Zoom only

Update - Please note that due to continued restrictions on social gathering, the Mini and Youth AGM will be conducted via Zoom only.
Clubhouse attendance will NOT be permitted.
Please contact your age group representative or M&Y Secretary for details of the meeting.
Mini and Youth AGM
Please be advised that this seasons Mini & Youth AGM will take place on Sunday 14th June 2020, @10.30 am, location; the clubhouse (Safe Distance) or Zoom TBA.

I would ask that all managers, coaches and committee members make every effort to attend as there are issues that will be discussed at this meeting that will impact how we run our section during the coming season.

I would also ask you to circulate this email to all of your parents and players to encourage them to attend as we really want them to understand what is involved in running a club of this size.

We are always looking for good people to help with running things and this would be an ideal opportunity for them to step forward and have their say.

§ To receive and approve the minutes / notes of the 2018/19 AGM

§ To discuss any matters arising from those minutes

§ Chairman Report

§ Treasurers Report

§ Membership Secretary Report

§ Safeguarding and Welfare Report

§ Youth Managers Report

§ Mini Managers Report

§ Summary of appointed managers (Handout and confirmation)

§ Notification of any officers standing down (TBA)

§ Appointment and Election of the Following Officers

o Secretary

o Treasurer

o Membership Secretary

o Coaching Coordinator

o Youth Manager

o Mini Manager

o Youth Fixtures

o Mini Fixtures

o Kit Secretary

o The Safeguarding & Assistant safeguarding roles are URFC positions so subject to the Main Committee AGM.

o All other roles undertaken by individuals are appointed via the Youth Committee as per rule 3c Co-opted members.

§ Subscriptions for the 2020/21 Season and their constituent parts, Club development and UHSA subscription.

§ Consideration of any propositions duly proposed 1 week prior to the meeting.

§ To hear matters for consideration by the committee during the ensuing year, but which no vote at the AGM will be permitted.

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