URFC 2s wrap up a succesfull season

URFC 2s wrap up a succesfull season

By Dean Martin
13 April 2014
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Thanks to all -2s Summary for the season

Upminster 2s started their rebuilding process last year & managed to just stave off relegation, so this year posed several new questions about the 2s

• Could they move on from Season 2012 – 13 & show the 2s were now on an upward curve
• Could the Colts who started their Senior career in 2012-13 continue to learn & grow from being fully involved with the Senior set up , now having the confidence of last season behind them
• Could the 2s get the next generation of Colts coming through the Senior Set up as well
• Could the 2s continue to build on the Team Spirit that saw them through season 2012-13
• Could the 2s see an improvement in availability for Match days of their Senior Players
• Could the 2s players get themselves to training on a more regular basis

Taking each point as they come it’s fair to say that 5 out of the above 6 targets were clearly meet & surpassed
• Season 2013-14 has clearly proved that URFC 2s are heading back to where they should be & indeed where the Club needs them to be. Whilst the 1st Team of all clubs is the pinnacle of the Club promotion is generally achieved only with a strong 2nd Team & it remains the ambition of URFC for the 1st Team to secure Promotion to LNE 2 with the total backing of all URFC 2s players .Several measurable aspects of the 2s Squad this season has improved over & above that of season 2012-13 – more tries scored , fewer tries conceded , more points scored , fewer points against ,more wins recorded , fewer losses etc. , all which have resulted in the Team moving form finishing 3rd from bottom in 2012-13 to a Team that has finished 3rd from top in season 2013-14 , therefore by this measurement the season must be deemed a total success , 10 out of 10

• The Colts who made their Senior Debuts in season 2012 -13 include Ben Fryatt , George Cox , Greg Dordoy , Tim Royce , Lawrence Few .This season has seen all the above players having been selected for the 1st Team Squad with Lawrence Few making many appearances & Greg Dordoy being selected whenever he returns from Uni .Ben Fryatt is establishing himself as someone who can be relied upon to step up to the mark when required & will no doubt soon be pushing for regular inclusion into the 1st Team Squad once he overcomes he’s niggling injury woes .Unfortunately Tim Royce is having a forced break from Rugby at present to work commitments & George Cox is also another name that will be fighting for inclusion in the Premier Squad this season . It also has to be noted that there are several other 2nd Year Colts players currently away at Uni for which Upminster 2s also eagerly await their return with the like of Matty Bryne , Michael Norton , Joe Carter ,Sam Church & Ryan Halkman .Therefore by this measurement the season must be deemed a total success , 10 out of 10

• Every top club knows that future success comes from the efforts put in today & in particular with the Youth set up at a club which produces the home grown talent for the future. After a few seasons where the Club policy of bringing the next generation has gone a little adrift, things now seem to be firmly back on track & following on from the talent in the Upper Colts as noted above there is now another exceptional group of young players that have broken through into the senior Set up in season 2013 – 14, guided by Julian De Santis & Martin Attard. 1st Year Colts who have made their impression on the 2s Team this season include the up & coming stars like Joe Bryne, Liam Randell, James Hunt, Shane Brooks, George Fautley& Harry long, not to mention Lawrence Heywood & Charles Hammond who have not only managed to break through into the Senior Set up they have been able to carve out a position for themselves in the 1st Team. It will be a further test of their ability to look & learn during the forthcoming Pre Season to ensure they are able to cement their place within the 1st Team & continue to listen to the vastly experienced voices around the club such as Scot Kennedy Neil Hutchinson , Chris Davey , Dan Smith , et al

• For season 2012-13 Team Spirit was somewhat of a new thing for the squad, as there was a new Manager in place (Dean Martin ) along with a new Captain (Julian De Santis) along with a host of new faces, but with the charismatic Richard Russell showing many of the youngsters what can be achieved when you pull together as a team it all come good .With Richard Russell taking a backward step in season 2013-14 & playing in the 3s ,the role was open to others to pull the Team Spirit together & with the likes of the new 2nd Team Captain Jamie Pavitt , Club Captain Rob Stanley , the unmistakable Nick Harvey & Crew the Team has feed of the Team Spirit that has been in great abundance this season & long may it last, with the right balance between a bit of messing around & good banter coupled with good professionalism when it was required .Therefore by this measurement it must be deemed a total success , so 10 out of 10

• During season 2012-13 Match Day availability was very much hit & miss, more miss than hit it has to be said, however with everything else coming together the Match Day availability has also dramatically improved this season & this has been a major factor in the improving results of The URFC 2nd Team, culminating in a great win over Chingford RFC 2s Team in the Cup Semi Final. Given the level of Rugby which URFC 2s play it is inevitable that quite often people will be working on a Saturday & therefore unable to play , however the willingness for people to try & get the day off, change their Shift pattern or play the match but remain on call is a testament to how much the players want to play in the Team & not let their mates down & this is applauded by everyone & in particular the Manager & Captain Therefore by this measurement it must be deemed a total success , so 10 out of 10

• During the 2012-13 season the amount of 2s players you could count at training would only take 1 hand .During the 2013-14 Season the amount of 2s players regularly training would still only take 1 hand , so this is the area of all round performance that the 2s players need to up their game . There have been too many occasions this season that training has been poorly attended & for some unknown reason especially poor on a Tuesday when we have been training at the Club on grass & mud , it’s almost like players don’t want to get dirty when training !!. Despite Training on Astro being very effective for ball handling skills it is impossible to replicate real time rugby on Astro & as a result game situations cannot be truly replicated. The poor attendance may be partly down to the Flood light situation at the club this season however that excuse will not be available to players next season due to the ongoing commitment by the Club to purchase a replacement Floodlight so be warned !! . If you have studies or shift patterns that don’t allow Tue Training then fair enough but a bit more effort is defiantly required on this front next season , starting with Pre-season Training Therefore by this measurement it must be deemed that all 2s players could do better ,so 4 out of 10 only im afraid .

To conclude it has to be said that when everything is taken on board from where the 2s started the season to where the 2s finished, every single player who represented the 2nd Team from the likes of Stu Field who played once to Julian De Santis who played 20 times deserves a big pat on the pack from the Club, so Thanks.

Sometimes when you’re looking to see the progress made in a Team, it’s easy to get carried away when viewed from the inside so for an accurate analysis on the progress made its best to go outside the club & for that I would like to pass on the words of the Chingford 2s Manager who got relegated from Div 1 last season “ This Upminster 2s Team would not look out of place in Div 1 , they would certainly hold their own “ so the efforts by the 2s have been felt far & wide during the course of the season

Next Season the 2nd Team will continue to build on the progress made this season with the joint up efforts of the 4s, 3s & 1st Team, which include but are not limited to
• Keeping the Colts coming through & providing them with all the assistance they require to establish them in the Senior Set Up
• Continuing with the great Team spirit that has helped to bring success this season
• Continuing to do all that is possible to ensure good Match Day availability
• Ensuring better attendance by all on training nights
• Continuing to work with the URFC committee to ensure the total progression of every aspect of URFC

All the Best
On behalf of
Dean Martin (2nd Team Manager) & Jamie Pavitt (2nd Team Captain)

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