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1. Benefits

Benefits Of Sponsoring Uxbridge FC

Even large multinational companies have acknowledged the many benefits of establishing an interest in the local community, using it as a vehicle for representing themselves as a "COMPANY THAT CARES" at a local level.

We strongly believe that by creating mutually beneficial partnerships within our local business community, we can help bring success to your business, whilst providing a valuable community asset for the people of the town, making us all stronger together.

Key Benefits

Enhances your company image
Shapes consumer attitudes
Drives sales
Creates positive publicity and heightened visibility
Differentiates you from your competitors
Improves PR as a "Company That Cares" role
Enhances business and consumer relations
Employee benefits

Our commercial team are responsible for driving the club’s coroprate partnerships as well as all sponsorship and advertising package sales and will be working closely within the local business community to reinforce existing relationships aswell as establishing new ones.

Full details of all our sponsorship and advertising packages can be found by clicking on any of the links located at the top of the page. Please take your time to read through all of the packages available, we are very flexible on what we can offer and we can tailor any package to suit your own particular requirements.

If you require further information regarding our sponsorship or advertising packages, please contact Uxbridge FC Secretary Roger Stevens on 01895 236879 or email