Sat 27
New Ash Green 2nd XV
Extra A XV
NEW ASH GREEN 2nd     45          VIGO 3rd  44

NEW ASH GREEN 2nd 45 VIGO 3rd 44

By trevor newnham
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There was some confusion over the finishing score line, even the referee in some doubt over the result apparently. In the end a consensus of opinion concluded that the score was 45 -44 in favour of the NAG’s – probably.
Vigo came close, with a strange looking side. Andy Wilford at stand off, Dan Couchman at centre, and Graham Smith donning the shirt at an age when a bus pass and cup of Horlicks should be the order of the day. Thinking about it, probably no surprise to see Wilf at 10, he spent a lot of the time on the wing back in the day !!!
So without more ado, let me pass you to our Roving Reporter with their view of a match with a basketball score line.

Another difficult week with both sides beset with injuries throughout the club, we managed to find enough warm bodies with a pulse (the last point debatable in some cases) to don a shirt and cross the whitewash. The toss was done; Vigo to receive from the kick off and the game got underway. Vigo were first out of the blocks, with a raft of forwards playing out of position at 10, 14 and 15, choosing to stick it under their shirt, head down, and run. Andy Wilford, so light on his feet for a big man, danced through a seemingly terrified home defence to open the scoring.
Great run from Colin Luck but he knocked it on
NAG scored and converted
Toz says ‘’ keep possession, don’t give it away’’.
From a scrum, Dave Dunn flattened someone and made good distance. Couchie setting up Turvey to score. No conversion
NAG scored and converted ☹️
Carl and Wilf got in trouble for something... think it is because they are bigger than the NAG centres and picking on them!
They went for posts penalty but missed
Carl Nightingale made a good run. Mitch Higgs seemed to please Toz with whatever he did, passed to Couchie who scored. Lee converted
Bloke kicked off with a flat kick rolling it along the ground. Jeff Miles ended up with it under loads of people but got into trouble for pushing it out of the ruck. Quite exciting couple of runs. Carl was looking likely to score a try but can’t catch!
We broke one of their forwards and switched to uncontested scrums. After a wendy scrum Dave Dunn made another great run. Passed out to Wilf, then Couchie but the ball went loose, Carl scooped it up to score under the posts. He’s so quick I didn’t get the camera out in time! Converted by Whatman
Colin got angry at a lineout, which some may find unbelievable, but obviously Colin is requesting a refund from the Anger Management Course.
“Cut out the penalties lads” says Toz
Wendy scrum passed to Wilf who skilfully kicked it in to touch for half time.
Half time 14-24
Just after kick off Vigo gave a penalty, there seems to be some confusion about what actually happened, we didn’t get back 10 quick enough and one of their players ran 3/4 length of pitch to score. Colin nearly caught him! (Oxygen please for Luck..., actually best bring the defib too)
Wendy scrum, pick up by Dave Dunn at 8 who was aided and abetted by Mitch Higgs through quick hands found Nightingale in wing duty who cut back inside to pop it over the line. It was over the other side of pitch so I didn’t get picture. No conversion
Jock had a great run, which I think surprised the oppo (and all of his own team). They were hanging off his like Christmas tree baubles, until the shout of “Timbeeeeeeeer!” Ball secure, recycled out to Wilford (playing 10 today) supported by Nightingale who ran what felt like a mile to score again! No conversion

NAG scored. Converted.
Jock relived of duty replaced by Mark Crittenden (huge thanks for running home to fetch your kit) to wing duty. Nightingale moves from wing back to natural habitat with the forwards.
Knock on in our half. Scrum. Jeff miles accidentally poked their prop in the eye making him squeal, and Wilf helpfully pointed out that football was on the other pitch!
Our line out which we won but lost ball in a maul.
Vigo gave away penalty, their nippy little player ran to score great try. No conversion
Got really scrappy they then scored and converted
Lineout... our big beardie player wrestled to win the ball.
Ref wasn’t keeping up with play and after a forward pass NAG Scored no conversion
Couchie scores from a penalty. No conversion
Couchie scores no conversion
NAG start arguing with the ref with 90 seconds to go... don’t know why.
High tackle to Dave Dunn. They intercepted but brought back for penalty to Vigo. Ref blew his whistle because of a punch up and everyone thought it was over. Brought back for a scrum, Vigo ball.
Close to scoring a try, mishandled. Big mess on ground with ball rolling in to touch and ref blew his whistle to finally end the game!
It has to be said that both sides needs to be commended for getting a side together today. The game in the main was played in great spirits and was real end to end stuff. NAG down to 13 at one stage due to injuries and no subs really did well and Vigo didn’t take benefit to capitalise on that.
Not quite honours even this week for the 3’s, but a bloody good attempt nonetheless to those that crossed the whitewash. Beers and pizza afterwards, what’s not to like about!

Vigo team: J.Smith; Josh Crittenden, P.Gibbons, D.Couchman, C.Nightingale (capt.); A.Wilford, L.Whatman; J.Miles, A.Edwards, R.Turvey; C.Luck, S.Scott; M.Higgs, D.Dunn; G.Smith (rep: M. Crittenden)
Rep: (not used) M.Grayland
Carl Nightingale: Mention must be made of the guys who played out of position to ensure the game went ahead ,to MG who pulled on his kit to give us an extra body, and to the spirit of the side. Proud of my team.

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