Sat 12
Extra A XV
Tonbridge Juddians 3rd XV


By trevor newnham
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VIGO 3rd 13 JUDDIANS 3rd 19

I walked up to the field (16 minutes after kick off!) just to see the first try being scored by Jamie Caton. It wasn’t converted. At least I think it was Caton, when I asked Mr Ackary, he said he was watching a bit of handbags whilst the try was being scored so wasn’t too sure!


Penalty against Vigo for a high tackle.... didn’t quite make it. After reset ball kicked straight out (Colin Luck wearing the brightest hi-viz jacket on the that side of the pitch so I think he dazzled the kicker! back for a scrum...

Will Millins heading into a crunching tackle stopping the Judd advance, felt the crunch and headed off with Luck (George) making a very welcome return comes on to replaces him.

Judds make ground with kick to touch. But Vigo dug deep to stem the constant attack from a well drilled attack. Back for lineout. A set piece from the lineout; ball passed down the line through the hands and over the line they went. No conversion...


Lineout won. High tackle... quick penalty taken by Couchy. Some stuff happened and a penalty awarded to Vigo who kicked to touch, creeping up the field. Lineout won, Nightingale takes the ball and drops it to Dunn who was giving gas and made good ground. Passed down the line, mishandled but penalty to Vigo who decided to kick for points to keep the pressure on...


Kick from the restart went like a bullet across the 10 straight to Carl Nightingale (who caught, more from surprise than skill!) we kept possession and made ground and eventually found touch. Lineout to Judd.

Strong tackling from Vigo. Interception by our 15. Bit of a dump tackle on our 18 sparked much rumblings and jeers from the sidelines. Great runs from Couchy and Dunn. Lineout won by Jack Knight...soaring like a wet salmon migrating upriver in readiness to spawn on the gravel beds...

Penalty given away by Vigo (a constant knife in the side for the team that day). Aggressive challenge from Judds with Vigo defending well (Dunn with big crunching tackle) but missed tackles let them slip through to score. Converted, Judd now edging it...


Scrum, Judds kept possession. big tackle from Jem Emirali (who had his own competition on the day alongside his brother who was reminiscent of Len Goodman from Strictly giving his own score per tackle made). Penalty to Judds and strong runs saw them score again. Converted. Judd turning the screws...

Whistle for half time. Vigo now have the downhill advantage... is it enough to claw back a victory? The next 40 minutes would ha e the answer...

HT 8-19

Rob Jones: “they are doing alright!”

And we’re off... both sides off to a strong start but Vigo gave away a penalty. Lineout not straight “that’s the best one I’ve done all day” pleads the Judds hooker! Vigo give away another penalty almost immediately, allowing TJs to gain ground. Lineout close to the line. Judds knock on. Scrum down to Vigo.

Taken out the back of the scrum by Couchman, Judds stole but knocked on. Scrum if we hadn’t had enough scrums already. Vigo retain possession, kick into touch for TJ lineout on halfway line. Not straight. Vigo ball.....and another scrum.

Vigo holding their own still against a well drilled Judd pack, kept possession; the ball popped out the back of the scrum and passed neatly through the hands down the line (yay we finally managed it!) Turvey making some good ground with ball tucked neatly under his shirt. Maul resulting in penalty against Vigo.

Couchie steals from their lineout. Find George Luck who gets it out to Caton in his usual habitat on the wing. Back in to middle with a kick chased by Jack Knight and Tommy Barrett. Mishandled and penalty to TJs. Charge from a TJ player which Caton stopped and Tommy Barret got his mitts on the ball. Scrum to TJs. Vigo drive hard... scrum re-set again (just what everyone wanted).

Judd got ball out quick this time. Strong defending from Vigo (an aspect the villagers showed great passion for on the day). Got a bit scrappy, scrum over far side. Vigo got ball out of scrum... passed out to George Luck who chipped but was then squashed by a late tackle. “Cheating barsteward!” shouted Colin! (it is believed that it was a little harsher than that...) Emirali demonstrates winger-like speed to get to the offender to, ahem, advise him of the error of his ways!

Big pile up on the floor, ball wasn’t coming out. Scrum to Judds. TJs keep possession and pass it skilfully out to wing. Great tackle from Jack Knight to stop them making distance and potentially averting a try. Vigo scrum.......again.

Vigo keep possession. Big hand off from Jem. Distance made by Couchman. Offside from TJs back for Vigo penalty. Kick for lineout about 10m from the line. Dunn got the tips of his fingers to the ball and gets it across the line. Some dispute between TJs and linesman so try not awarded.... then it was awarded! Our guy had two goes at converting... missed both. The ref gave our linesman a verbal red card and Mr Luck retired to the clubhouse!


Restart. Vigo offside. Big TJ kick to put them within sniffing distance of the line. Throw not straight - Vigo scrum. Scrum won... kicked to their half. TJ penalty for high tackle by Nightingale (who remonstrates that he was only about 5’ tall and was already falling into me and his head was still attached).

Jem Emirali crashed into someone so ref had words. TJs not making much distance against strong Vigo defence - 18, Turvey, Couchman

TJs lineout. Little throw to front, penalty to Vigo. Vigo scrum. Push from TJs but Couchie keeps it safe. Great kick from Paget and awesome tackle from Nathan Miles (making his senior men’s debut!) to keep Vigo in their 22.

Lineout. Dunn scoops it from floor, good run from Jodi Townsend (welcome Jodi after 10 years out due to a horrendous knee injury he seemed to like showing pictures of). Vigo Penalty. Couldn’t quite get it over, offside from Vigo allowed TJs out of their 22 and another penalty let them kick for lineout at halfway. Good lineout with TJ retaining possession leading to a driving mail which Vigo dealt with well (Nightingale emanating from the bottom of that lot)

Scrum to Vigo with 2 minutes left on clock. The Emirali’s brothers causing havoc in the midfield trying hard to run but there was lack of support to tiring legs to pass to. Knock on and TJ scrum. Huge push from Vigo but TJ retain possession. Judd had enough, kicked straight into touch for the whistle to blow full-time.


Carl Nightingale :’’A hard but good game overall, marred only by the occasional handbags which showed the passion from both sides who wanted the win. I go missing out narrowly on the day, but hopefully gave Judd a game to think about as they ride high in the league. Again Vigo field 3 sides which for a village club is tremendous considering some larger clubs in Kent seem to be struggling in numbers. A common theme it seems. Rest week next week until we’re back in action again to Old G’s. This is your roving reporter signing off from Swanswood for another week.’’

Team: J.Barrett (rep: J.Townsend); J.Caton, A.Emirali, J.Emirali, W.Millins(rep: G.Luck;rep: N.Miles); T.Barrett, B.Paget; W.Castle, A.Edwards, R.Turvey; J.Knight, C.Nightingale; S.Christmas, D.Dunn; D.Couchman

Vigo MVP – Tommy Barrett

Report by Louise Nightingale

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