Sat 16
Extra A XV
New Ash Green 2nd XV


By trevor newnham
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VIGO 3rd XV 42 NEW ASH GREEN 2nd XV 17

New Ash Green arrived but were a little short of numbers with only 12 players. We sold MG and Kerry (for a rather good price) to get the game underway with 14 against 15. I believe N A G won the toss and decided to kick up the hill first. An obvious plan was then set in place by Vigo. Downhill, 15 against 14.... We'll rack up a big lead in the first half. Well, all good plans etc saw NAG score with only three minutes played. A little gathering under the post and maybe a few choice words saw Vigo try and get back to the original plan. A little more ball retention gives Ian Horner some space to glide into and offload a short pass for Olly Jarman finding himself 30 yards out with no one in front of him. Olly saunters down the line to score our first try. Stu Spiers misses the extras. 5 each after 10 minutes. Ball retention is still a little patchy from both sides with plenty of big hits by each teams centres. A few phases put together finds Mr Spiers in the stand off position with two defenders in front of him on the 22. A little move one way, then the other sees a gap between the defenders open and Mr Spiers bursts,,,,,, through to score. He then proceeds to add the extras. 12 , 5 to Vigo .
NAG kick deep to find Jaimie Caton who tears down the wing deep into NAG territory. Some good rucking allows the ball to be moved back to the wing on the NAG 22 finding the most unlikely winger in the shape of Alan Edwards who dashes,,,,, down the wing to score in the corner. Mr Spiers misses the extras. 17 ,5. Ten minutes later Olly Jarman beats three defenders to find Mr Edwards inside him completely unopposed then decides to give him the worst pass ever. Poor Alan.
Jack Knight and Jem Emrali begin making inroads in the NAG defence Knight being stopped one yard out, he maybe should of passed,,,,,The resulting scrum sees Dan Couchman touch down for a pushover try. Mr Spiers misses,,,,,again, 22. 5 at half time.
NAG kick off for the second half. We put the ball straight into touch on our own 22. From the line out the NAG fly half finds a gap and kicks through to find Mr Caton who attempts to fly hack the ball away but completely misses it. Colin Luck murmurs a few words from the touchline. The resulting scrum sees NAG zip the ball to the centre who crashes through to score under the posts. They add the extras too. 22. 12.
NAG kick deep again and find Mr Caton who makes up for his little mistake by running the ball up to the NAG 22 beating 5 players in the process. He feeds Jack Knight who finds help with his forwards with the ball finally landing in Dan Couchmans hands who has little to do but move a defender out of the way and score. Stu misses the extras. 27. 12.
Vigo begin to start moving the ball around more resulting in a great break by Jem feeding Jack who once again finds his forwards who give the ball back to Jem who bulldozes through 3 players to set up a try for Nick Haigh. Stu misses the extras... 32. 12
Vigo begin to dominate territory . Lee Whatman has so much time on his hands and starts producing sublime passes ( which actually work this time). Vigo kick for the corner from a penalty . A few forward type things happen and this results in Stu Spiers crashing over. Mr Whatman misses the extras... 37. 12
NAG keep making a game of it and only some great tackling by Vigo and especially Nick Haigh causing NAG to spill the ball which finds Lee Whatman who puts in a beautiful kick for Will Millins to scoop up and score in the corner. Extras missed. Again. Now 42. 12
NAG keep pressing late on and are gifted a try from an interception that everyone on the pitch, near the pitch or even in the clubhouse, could see was coming. Extras missed. 37. 19 and the ref blows the whistle to end a game that was a pleasure to watch. Big respect to NAG for turning up with 12 players and to MG and Kerry for playing for the opposition. Special mention to Jody Townsend for some massive hits that earns him man of the match. Some great defending in the centres by both teams and a game played in all the respect and fun that rugby should be played.
My overview..... A lovely day, no wind ,perfect conditions, not a day for kickers!!!
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