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Walcot Rugby maintains a Google calendar to provide access to information about games and events on your computer, phone or laptop. You can set up this calendar to be seen alongside your other electronic calendars.

In order for you to receive updates and new events you need to SUBSCRIBE to the Google calendar. By subscribing to the calendar feed, your calendar application will sync the fixture dates and kick-off times automatically without the need for a manual update so you will always have the latest information.

The address of the Walcot calendar is

To subscribe to the calendar using an Outlook service please use the relevant instructions as set out on the 6 Nations website. And you may want to subscribe to the 6 Nations calendar while you're at it too!

If you just want to see the calendar in a web browser (ie not synchronised with your own calendars) click on or bookmark this link.

If you would like any events or age-group fixtures added to the calendar please contact Foxy, likewise any problems give him a shout.