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1. Walcot RFC Young Players Transition Path

Rugby clubs across the country face challenges in providing continuity for players at U18 & U17, especially the timing and pace of transitioning into senior rugby. Many factors exist to make this complicated, but at Walcot we are looking to put a solution in place that we hope will overcome many of the issues and provide a more successful transition from youth to senior rugby.

Walcot is extremely proud of it's ability to develop successful youth players. In recent years multiple age grades have repeatedly experienced team triumph with many players progressing to regional and county representation.

We particularly recognise the extra challenges faced by young men as they reach the U18 & U17 age grades. There are many additional demands on their lives and we are very thankful for the continued support of their parents and commitment of the players in attending training and playing matches.

We also appreciate that many of these players have great aspirations of playing at the highest level possible, whilst others are unsure about their rugby future and whether they will continue to play.

Walcot is keen to support those players who want to transition to senior rugby. In the past a lack of opportunity to ‘play up’ has disenfranchised young players, whilst we understand parents’ concern about introducing a player to senior rugby too early.

A successful transition from youth to senior rugby is also critical for the ongoing success of Walcot’s three senior rugby teams. Each season there is a natural turnover of senior players due to retirement or members moving away from Bath. Recruiting new players is very difficult, particularly those of good ability, and it makes a lot of sense to concentrate our efforts on the young men who already wear the black and white and encourage them to play on in the senior teams.

To overcome these issues, we have developed a structured transition path. The aim is to complement a youth players’ existing rugby and integrate the U18/17 players into the senior side of the club. This is a brand new venture and we would welcome any feedback as we implement it throughout the season.

Walcot RFC Young Players Transition Path
Providing age grade, and supporting school and representative, rugby will continue to be the primary focus of the club. Alongside this, operating within RFU Regulations, Walcot RFC will integrate U18/17 training with senior training and use the 2nd XV to provide youth players with their first experience of senior rugby. Upon ‘graduating’ from youth rugby a player will be supported by the Young Players Development Fund until they are successfully established as an independent senior member.


There are additional details on the subsequent pages. We hope you appreciate that this is something we have given extensive thought to and taken great care in setting up and communicating to you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of us who will be actively managing this transition path in 2012/13, our details are below.


Barrie, Matt, Martin, Gary, Stuart and Dave

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