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Chairmans Spring Update

Chairmans Spring Update

By Matthew Hall
16 March 2019
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There are a few more dates for your diaries.

As the season draws to a close it is time to have a round- up as to where we are as a club.

It is really positive to hear the success that the youth section of the club is having this year. We have teams through to Somerset finals and we are getting encouraging results across the board. We have also had a number of players selected for representative rugby this season- a great shop window for the club to attract new players. The colts have been particularly strong this year and I look forward to these players transitioning to the senior sides next year. This year has been a particularly successful this year with many of last year’s colts debuting for the 1st XV this year.

Despite the 1st XV having a very promising start to the season they have been struggling in recent weeks. I remember asking the committee in January, ‘what is everybody’s view on promotion?, would it benefit us as club?, can we afford it?. There were differing opinions and views but we left it to see how the club performed moving forward. Well I categorically say that this is no longer an agenda item as the team has struggled since Christmas with injuries and key players leaving to go travelling- we hope to see all these players back in due course. At least we are not having the same worries of relegation that we had last year where every point counted and we had to rely on other teams doing us favours. With three fixtures left we will be targeting wins in all of them to leave us in good stead for the 2019-2020.

A special mention to the 2nd XV who under Ricky Messer’s leadership (with a little help from Matt Hall) currently lie second in their league having put in some fine performances and honoured all of their fixtures. This is very encouraging for the club as we try to recruit players and provide a decent standard of rugby for all.

On the 23rd March we travel to Yeovil, there will be a coach provided by the money left over from the OPA and we would really like to take a coach load down to support the team. If you are interested let me know and I will reserve a place on the coach for you.

There are few more dates for your diaries. On the 8th April 2019 BT’s Rugby Tonight on Tour will be filming an episode at the club. There will be demos and we are looking for our biggest hitter to take on the ‘Smasho’. If you think you are the hardest tackler (that’s me out!!!) here is your chance. I am compiling a list of names; the biggest hitter will make the final cut. The program will be aired on 10th April. We are looking to fill the clubhouse with players and their families. Let me know if you intend on coming.

The end of season means two things, firstly club tours, secondly club presentation dinners.

For all those that have tours planned, I am sure all junior tourists will have a great time, play some excellent rugby, stay up all night and makes some life- long friends. The seniors will be flying the Walcot flag in Benidorm and hopefully doing all of the above (except making life- long friends!!!)

The senior (and colts) dinner is scheduled a little later this year on the 23 rd May 2019. There will be the usual guest speakers, awards and jollity. Price is likely to be similar to last year- details to follow.

One last date for the diary is weekend of 5th July. Walcot will be hosting ‘Skybar Bath’. This is an outside company coming in to run parties over two nights. This is not aimed at the club but members are invited. Have a look at their website and if you fancy it I am working on some discounted tickets.
The season will soon be over so make sure you enjoy the last few weeks as before long you will be spending your Sunday mornings on the Xbox or even worse still be spending time with the Mrs on a Saturday afternoon and neither of those two options are either enjoyable or healthy.
‘There are a limited number of Walcot ‘Oddball’ hats available at £15. If you would like one please transfer the money to 30-90-54 01899819 leaving your name as a reference. If you have already paid for and ordered a hat please contact me on 07748117999 so I can arrange delivery’


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