Sat 22
Brentwood Town
1st Team
L McKenzie (30'), R Clark (42')
Rob Clark Free Kick
By Club Secretary

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By Club Secretary
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Todays match is the first ever friendly between the two clubs.

We have met on 32 occasions in the past, 7 of these when Brentwood, were simply, Brentwood and not Brentwood Town!

Our first meeting was in 1982-83 in the Essex Senior Trophy Qtr Finals. After a 0-0 draw we lost 1-0 at home in the replay.
The following season we lost again 0-2 at home in the first round, a match that was switched from Brentwood.

Our last meeting was 12th April 2018 in the Isthmian North Division One. The score was 1-1. Shad Ngandu was our scorer.

The (almost) complete record

12017/18Thursday, April 12, 2018Brentwood TownBND11-1DHome78Ngandu
22017/18Tuesday, February 06, 2018Brentwood TownBND11-3LAway89Ngandu
32016/17Saturday, February 18, 2017Brentwood TownRLD1N1-0WHome96Spencer
42016/17Saturday, October 15, 2016Brentwood TownRLD1N2-3LAway102Spencer, Russell
52014/15Saturday, February 07, 2015Brentwood TownRLD1N2-3LAway103Hallet 2
62014/15Saturday, October 04, 2014Brentwood TownRLD1N3-3DHome71Hallet 2, Peagram
72013/14Thursday, March 06, 2014Brentwood TownRLD1N0-0DHome70
82013/14Tuesday, October 15, 2013Brentwood TownIsthmian League Cup 21-0WHome30Maxwell
92013/14Monday, September 09, 2013Brentwood TownRLD1N3-2WAway52Peagram 2, Coley A
102012/13Thursday, April 18, 2013Brentwood TownRLD1N2-4LHome46?
112012/13Tuesday, October 23, 2012Brentwood TownRLD1N2-0WAway62?
122011/12Saturday, April 07, 2012Brentwood TownRLD1N1-1DHome101Cawley
132011/12Saturday, September 10, 2011Brentwood TownRLD1N0-2LAway96
142010/11Saturday, January 01, 2011Brentwood TownRLD1N5-2WHome77Campbell T 2, Cawley, Ogunkoya, Osei
152010/11Monday, August 30, 2010Brentwood TownRLD1N2-2DAway107Doku X, Hayter M
162008/09Tuesday, April 28, 2009Brentwood TownRLD1N Play Off SF4-1WAway419Gayle 2, Elmes H, Sontag M
172008/09Tuesday, February 24, 2009Brentwood TownRLD1N3-2WAway80Gayle 2, Sharman
182008/09Saturday, August 23, 2008Brentwood TownRLD1N1-3LHome86Elmes H
192007/08Monday, March 24, 2008Brentwood TownRLD1N0-4LAway120
202007/08Wednesday, December 26, 2007Brentwood TownRLD1N1-2LHome69Sapsford
212005/06Saturday, March 25, 2006Brentwood TownEssex Senior League2-1WHomeElmes H, White
222005/06Saturday, September 03, 2005Brentwood TownEssex Senior League0-3LAway39
232004/05Saturday, April 09, 2005Brentwood TownEssex Senior League5-2WAway?
242004/05Saturday, August 28, 2004Brentwood TownEssex Senior League4-2WHome45?
252003/04Saturday, March 27, 2004BrentwoodEssex Senior League4-1WHomeBurbridge R 2, Elmes H, Jackson,
262003/04Tuesday, September 23, 2003BrentwoodEssex Senior League2-1WAwaySontag M 2
272002/03Saturday, January 18, 2003BrentwoodEssex Senior League2-3LHome?
282002/03Saturday, October 12, 2002BrentwoodEssex Senior League4-0WAway0?
291983/84Saturday, August 27, 1983BrentwoodEssex Senior Trophy 10-2LHome
321982/83BrentwoodEssex Senior Trophy QF0-0DAway
301982/83BrentwoodEssex Senior Trophy QF R1-0WHome?
312001/02Brentwood TownEssex Senior Cup0-1LAway0

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Sat 22, Aug 2020