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Astroturf 1st April

Astroturf 1st April

Stephen King2 Apr - 19:22
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A series of personal thoughts from the side of the pitch.

By Aiden Mynott

Right, here we go, the fools are taking over the asylum. It could be this season the Premiership winners will be decided by the FA based upon how much money they have spent, rather than how many games they have won. On top of this the new football regulator has become enshrined in law.

The Government guarantees the fans will have their say. I predict chaos will ensue. There is already talk of Manchester City and Chelsea ending up in Division 2. Has no one learnt from history. Remember the Scottish FA done this to Rangers. That worked well!

Look the problem started with the Fair Play system being introduced. At the time those that had a good knowledge of how the game worked, predicted the rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer.

Stevenage hosted Bolton this weekend at Stevenage. Look a lot of these new changes are done with the good intention of creating a level playing field in regard to funding and the sustainability of a Club. I understand that. But down here in the bottom of the pyramid, we know how that works. It’s a constant battle to make end meets, provide a safe and friendly environment for supporters, and meet players (ego) demands. Deciding things on a monetary basis won’t work. Firstly, if these clubs are operating at a loss, the first line of regulation is those that are covering the loss. Those lenders who will no doubt be on the governing board of the Club or have a representative representing their interests. They are not going to willingly write off millions in investment in the long term.

As for fans say in the Club, just look at Germany and Spain. Their top clubs are members clubs, so they are answerable to the members, ie the fans. In this country Clubs are plc’s and Limited companies. This was encouraged by the FA and especially the Isthmian League. They sold it, on the grounds that members are liable for the Club’s debts, but limited status protects the Club. No it doesn’t, it protects the owners of the Club the shareholders and makes them only accountable to each other.

Why do the Americans want to own clubs that play a game, which is essentially foreign to them? Simple, because they have set up franchises in their national sports. No relegation or promotion and have seen their investments treble in value in the last 15 years. That is also why those Clubs want a European Super League.

Don’t fall for the propaganda/fake news. It’s not about you the fan. It’s about the money.

And on that disappointing note

Stay Healthy

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