Vision & Values
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1. Vision & Values

Our Vision
Our vision to be a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive rugby club that gives everybody the opportunity to participate fully, to grow and be inspired to be a lifelong part of our rugby family and our community

Our club values
Our club values of Respect, Integrity, Inclusivity, Fun and Excellence align with those of the IRFU Strategic Plan and are as follows:

Everyone demonstrates self-respect, respect for teams, coaches, match officials, volunteers, club facilities and the wider community by showing gratitude, discipline and a commitment to the safety of all.

Our actions in all aspects of the club, both on and off the pitch, are open, transparent, informed, fair and always in the best interests of the players and all of those involved in the game

Be a “Club for All” making sure everyone feel part of the club no matter what race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Our rugby family ensures that everyone is enabled to be the best version of themselves

A source of fun for all and passion for the game at all ages, both on and off the pitch while ensuring everyone has an equal right to learn and play no matter what age or stage of development.

We always strive to be the best we can in every aspect of rugby such as playing, training, club management and playing our part within the community.