West Cumbria Youth & Junior League Minutes
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West Cumbria Youth & Junior League Minutes
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West Cumbria Youth & Junior Leagues,
Supported by GMB/Unite Unions at Sellafield.

League President: -
Mr Philip Kitchin 1 Herbert Hill, Whitehaven, Cumbria. CA28 7HD
Contact: - 0194662826

League Chairman: League Secretary: League Treasurer: -
Mr Tommy Taylor Mr J Elliott Mrs Margaret Burns
29 Kier Hardie Avenue 12 Kirkstone Road, 11 Barwise Row
Cleator Moor Mirehouse, Arlecdon
Whitehaven Whitehaven, Frizington
Cumbria CA25 5EL Cumbria CA28 8EZ. Cumbria CA26 3XD
01946815140 01946692287 01946861253
07767891507 07927082499

Wednesday 4 June 2014.

Minutes of the ‘Clubs meeting’ held on Tuesday 27 May 2014
in Lowca ARLFC, commencing at 7.15pm.

1. Roll call: -

1.1 Ellenborough R., Flimby, Glasson R, Kells and Wath Brow Hornets.

2. Absentees: -

2.1 Egre R, Hensingham and Seaton R, rule to be applied, clubs fined
£10.00 for

3. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting: -

3.1 The minutes of the previous ‘Clubs Meeting’, held on Tuesday 18
February 2014, were approved and accepted as a true
record. Proposed by Flimby and seconded by Kells.
Carried, all in favour.

4. Matters arising from those minutes: -

4.1 There were no ‘Matters Arising’ raised from the minutes of the
February 2014 meeting.

5. Correspondence: -

5.1 Letter has been received to inform us that the Community Board
have been formally notified of our desire to become a member
league of the RFL

5.2 Information was relayed to the meeting of the intentions of Gary
Schofield and Paul Crarey’s intensions to run a few rugby league
camps aimed at getting coaches and kids to come along and enjoy
rugby league. The dates of the intend camps, which will be held at
Derwent Park Workington, are: -
Friday 4 July for U11s and U12s.
Friday 18 July for U13s and U14s.
Friday 25 July for U11s and U12s (second session)

6. Registrations: -

6.1 The Registrations Secretary informed the meeting that she has just
received an updated list of all players that are registered on the
data base, therefore all team sheets in her possession can now be
checked and an update will be given at the next meeting.

7. Fines: -

7.1 Outstanding fines leading up to this ‘Clubs Meeting’ that still
have not been paid: -
7.2 Egre R fined £10-00 for non-attendance at the February ‘Clubs

Meeting’. This has now been doubled to £20-00 for non-payment
within the 28 day rule.
7.3 Egremont Rangers fined £10-00 for non-attendance at this the
May ‘Clubs Meeting’.

7.4 Hensingham fined £10-00 for non-attendance at this the May ‘Clubs

7.5 Seaton Rangers fined £10-00 for non-attendance at this the
May ‘Clubs Meeting’.

7.6 Wath Brow Hornets U12s broken fixture Wednesday 7 May away to
Egremont Rangers – Rule to be applied, £10-00 fine.

7.7 Wath Brow Hornets U12s broken fixture Sunday 11 May away to
Glasson Rangers – Rule to be applied, £10-00 fine.

7.8 Hensingham U12s broken fixture Sunday 25 May home to Glasson
Rangers –Rule to be applied, £10-00 fine.

For future reference –
All clubs are reminded that all fines must be paid to the
treasurer within 28 days of the fine being imposed; failure to do
so will result in the fine being doubled. This fine must then be
paid within the next 14 days and failure to do so will result in
all club fixtures (open age included)being suspended until such
times as the fine is paid.

8. Fixtures: -

8.1 All fixtures are going well at the moment; the U12s are on
schedule to have their season completed by Sunday 13 July.

8.2 The U14s are also on schedule and hopefully will be completed by
Sunday 20 July.

8.3 The U16s are running through the summer months until completion
and the 14 September has been pencilled in as their completion

9. BARLA Update: -

9.1 No updates have been received from BARLA.

10. Referees Society Update.

10.1 Lee asked for it to be passed on that a young U12 is taking up
refereeing and he will be monitored by experienced match officials
during his first few fixtures, so will clubs please ask their
spectators to give him a little leeway as he learns the trade.

11. County Manager (RFL) Update.

11.1 Alan updated the meeting of what is ongoing at present and of
future events i the pipeline.

12. Any other business: -

12.1 The Secretary informed the meeting that after getting a second
quote for our end of season medals, Austin Wren was by far the
cheapest and therefore we would be continuing to order then from

12.2 The Wath Brow Hornets representative asked if a copy of
the ‘Club
Minutes’ could be circulated within two weeks of the meeting taken

The Secretary would try his utmost to get the minutes out within
this time slot.

12.3 Questions were asked regarding the paper that has come out
relating to the Academy format. The meeting was informed that
a ‘Youth & Junior Forum
Meeting’ is to take place on Saturday 7 June, where hopefully
all the answers
will be given. Clubs will be updated after this June 7 meeting.

12.4 Flimby were still concerned that their insurance for their teams
has still not been sorted out and feared that they may not
actually be insured. Alan was asked to contact the RFL and quickly
try and sort this out.

There being no further business to discuss, the chairman closed
the meeting by informing all present that the next Meeting would
be the Annual General Meeting. A date has not been confirmed as
yet, but once clarified, then all would be notified.