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Can i wear blades for Rugby?

Can i wear blades for Rugby?

Rob Walker22 Jul 2012 - 12:53
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Blades and studs are currently both acceptable as footwear for rugby

Stud Regulations
Blades and studs are currently both acceptable as footwear for rugby (as long as they comply with the IRB regulations below). There is not currently a kite mark for rugby boots; manufacturers self certify their studs or blades against regulation 12 to check that they cause no more damage than traditional studs.

The RFU is working with the IRB and the British Standards Institute on this matter to ensure safety standards are appropriate for the game, in the meantime Referees should always check footwear for any sharp or dangerous parts before kick-off in a match.

IRB Regulations and advice to clubs:
BOOTS (including ‘Blades’) - LAW 4
LAW 4 deals with players’ clothing - which includes footwear.
LAW 4(3) deals with studs as follows:
(a) Studs of players’ boots must conform with the IRB Specification set out in IRB Regulation 12.
(b) Moulded rubber multi-studded soles are acceptable provided they have no sharp edges or ridges.
LAW 4(4) deals with BANNED ITEMS OF CLOTHING and this includes:
(b) A player must not wear any item that is sharp or abrasive.
(h) A player must not wear any item that is normally permitted by Law, but in the referee’s opinion that is liable to cause injury to a player.
(i) A player must not wear a single stud at the toe of the boot.
LAW 4(5) deals with INSPECTION OF PLAYERS’ CLOTHING and this includes:
The referee or the touch judges appointed by or under the authority of the match organiser inspect the players’ clothing and studs for conformity to this Law.
The referee has power to decide at any time, before or during the match, that part of a player’s clothing is dangerous or illegal. If the referee decides that clothing is dangerous or illegal the referee must order the player to remove it. The player must not take part in the match until the items of clothing are removed.

All studs worn must comply with Law 4.
The IRB has contacted all known manufacturers of boots (irrespective of whether or not they are specifically made for rugby use) and this includes manufacturers of ‘blades’. These manufacturers are required by the IRB to self certify that their studs comply with Law 4.
‘Blades’ include Adidas Exchangeable Traxion Studs.
Referees and touch judges will inspect boots only to check that they are safe to play in. They will check that there are no sharp edges or burring etc.
Referees and touch judges will not be looking for kite marks or similar approval markings or manufacturers details.

Players must always:
• Check that their studs are safe to play in Reject any boots that have sharp edges or burring etc.
• Ask their retailer for confirmation that the manufacturer complies with IRB Specifications.
• The final responsibility is with the players to ensure that they play in safe boots.

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