Sun 04
W4 Rangers
Under 15 Red
League Game

League Game

By Lee Holman
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Not the best

An afternoon kick off in Acton, time and traffic not the best bed fellows.

The ref had cancelled but the W4 Academy found another ref so the game could go ahead. Kick off and play was very hard and very fast, there was some shirt pulling and hard tackles too. Wealdstone were given a free kick which Dom took and hit the back of the net. Unfortunately W4 then equalised, followed by lots of lace tying. Dom went in for a high tackle and basically leap flogged the player and ended up sitting on the floor, the W4 player then turned and kneed him in the head which at least resulted in him getting a yellow card. Unfortunately W4 then scored again. The first half whistle was finally blown nearly an hour after kick off!

Second half and again play was very hard. Finally after a few missed chances, Rokas took a corner which Rhys headed home, but W4 then scored again. Wealdstone kept going and Harry scored but was given an off side (even though one of W4 managers said it wasn't), which was quickly followed by a goal for W4 which was flagged as off side but the goal was given. Play headed back to the other end of the pitch and unfortunately EJ was chasing the ball when the goal keeper came out to intercept it. He ended up on the floor for about 10 minutes but finally was able to stand and carry on. Harry managed to get a goal back, but the final score was 4-3 to W4 at the final whistle.

Although Wealdstone were probably not on their best form, they felt a bit hard done by 're some of the decisions and the shirt pulling, lace tying etc.

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Sun 04, Nov 2018