Sun 25
Under 15 Red
Ava Academy Red
League Game

League Game

By Lee Holman
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Back on form

The boys went into this game knowing that the other team would play aggressively and were mentally prepared this time. My husband went this time and ran the line on the first half but this means I don't know the order of who scored, but needless to all the boys went into the game with one aim in mind. It also helped that the referree was very much on the ball. By half time we were 4-0 up which seemed to upset the manager of the other team by the way he was yelling at them.

Second half and we scored 2 more, AVA did gain one back but they also received a yellow card as one of their players went down and when the ref stopped the game the player got up and went to carry on. The ref said he had had enough and said no, what was the players problem, the player said he had been hurt by a bad tackle to which the ref said 'no and gave him a yellow card.

Well done ref.

Final score 6-1

Dom 2
Sam 1
Rokas 2
Will 1

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Sun 25, Nov 2018