Sun 09
Belmont Utd
Under 15 Red
League Game

League Game

By Lee Holman
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An interesting game...

A nippy afternoon after a few days of rain lead to a slippery pitch, kick off and Wealdstone dominated to start with, not long into the match and EJ was the first to score from a corner. Belmont fought back and with a melee in front of the goal pulled one back, unfortunately this was quite quickly followed by a fabulous goal by Belmont - it just happened to be in the wrong goal. Play kicked off again and Max kicked a strong ball to Louis who crossed to Harry to hit it home. Belmont kept up the pace, but Harry was passed the ball again and a bit of nifty footwork later scored again.

Second half and after a few near misses Harry scored again from a corner taken by Sam, not long later Harry scored again. One of the Belmont players was subbed off the pitch and was being difficult about leaving and had to be cajoled into leaving the pitch. Play was mostly down the Belmont end and and after Harry missed a shot at goal Rokas picked it up, turned it around to score. Last goal of the match was another strong kick by EJ.

Unfortunately with not long to go a Belmont player tackled Louis hard, they ended up on the floor and then the Belmont player took a swing at Louis, who took a defensive swing back which escalated. They were seperated and the Belmont team were taken to one side and spoken to. The game played on for literally a couple of minutes before the final whistle blew.

Final score 8-1 to Wealdstone

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Sun 09, Dec 2018