WRU Weekly Status Update 25/3/20/ Diweddariad Statws wythnosol URC 25/3/20

WRU Weekly Status Update 25/3/20/ Diweddariad Statws wythnosol URC 25/3/20

By Gary Williams
25 March
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The following update was kindly supplied by The Welsh Rugby Union.

Dear Welsh rugby,

I’d like to begin this update with a heartfelt thank you to the Welsh rugby community and our member clubs. We received a flurry of responses to the news that we had been forced to cancel the 2019/2020 season last week, understandably expressing disappointment but all showing absolute empathy for the situation we are all in.

This attitude was exemplified by Pontypool rugby club, who desperate for promotion to the Indigo Group Premiership, wrote an open letter accepting with good grace and proper perspective the decision which has meant no relegation or promotion for anyone this season. “We are a club that always strives to react to adversity in the right way and this situation is no exception,” they wrote and they are also no exception in Welsh rugby as this attitude has permeated throughout the country. Across the length and breadth of Wales the community game has universally accepted the decision and is rallying round in support of those most in need and here, at the Welsh Rugby Union, we will continue to do all we can to support this act.

Of course we are in the midst of a global event and we are in constant contact with all of the major rugby nations in the world. Each of us has explained where we stand, and what the financial implications of our current situation are. We have discussed where we could be with the Six Nations and talked about the autumn and what happens with summer tours. We can work various contingency scenarios, but we can’t currently answer the question of when we may resume.

Rest assured we have the very best interests of you, our member clubs, at the heart of everything that we do and we will keep lines of constant communication and support open as we work through these difficult times.

I’d urge clubs to access our bespoke helpline and check what help is available as often as possible .

Yours in rugby,

WRU chairman Gareth Davies

Our Goal

Our goal is simple. We plan to emerge from this crisis with the WRU and all teams and clubs, whether they be amateur, semi-professional or professional, intact and able to have a sustainable future.

Community game

On Friday 20th March the WRU Board confirmed the cancellation of the 2019/20 season for all WRU competitions. The decision applies to all WRU cup and league competitions as well as the cross-border competition between Welsh and Scottish clubs due to kick off in April. This means that there will be no promotion or relegation in any of the WRU leagues and teams will remain in the league they are currently in. Rugby activity remains suspended and facilities closed until further notice and this includes no organised training or games, use of club gym facilities, organised sessions or any unsanctioned gatherings at rugby premises.

Three key rugby factors helped inform this decision:

- No team in any league is currently mathematically guaranteed promotion or relegation

- There are 1,113 WRU Specsavers National League and Indigo Group Premiership games that would need to be played to complete league competitions or to put this another way, only 65% of the season had been completed

- An absolute minimum of eight weeks would be required to complete the outstanding fixtures

A significant number of potential solutions were explored, but ultimately it was agreed that the only consistent and fair option was to cancel the season.

Women and girls rugby

In line with the announcement of the cancellation of all WRU Competition for 2019/20 season, for further clarity, this cancellation includes the Women and Girls cup competition that began in March. In line with the suspension of all rugby activity in Wales, this suspension includes the WRU Female Hubs. Any future Female Hub activity following the end of the traditional season and the provision of alternative formats for senior women will be reviewed in line with government advice on an ongoing basis. The Regional Programme (Seniors and U18s) set to take place in June, July and August will also be reviewed continually in line with government advice.

Seasonal Repositioning Trial

Last June, based on feedback from clubs and participants in a trial of mini-rugby during the summer months, a further seasonal repositioning trial programme, set to involve matches in June and July 2020, was announced.

This trial is based largely on the traditional rugby season but introduced a new winter break for mini-rugby for participating clubs in December and January and with a shorter extension to the season to incorporate some of the benefits experienced by players and volunteers last summer – but with a clear break for everyone during the school holidays.
More than 65 clubs around Wales were to be part of this second trial, but the prospect of continuing in June and July will now obviously be reviewed on a continuing basis and in line with government advice.

What are we doing to help?


All clubs have received a support document detailing funding sources and offering help and support in a variety of ways. The information includes the immediate steps that clubs can take to reduce ongoing costs. Guidance is also provided on the medium to long term finance options and cost saving measures that clubs may wish to consider. Further detail is supplied in the document on the waving of broadcast service subscriptions for clubs by Sky Sports, BT Sport and Premier Sports, which are making varying positive provisions. Clubs have been linked up with Molson Coors and Heineken offering advice and support on brewing issues, including how to close down cellars and manage existing loans etc.

Natwest bank have confirmed that clubs are able to apply for a deferment of 6 months on capital repayments and clubs are encouraged to contact the WRU’s official energy supplier Amber energy, with whom we are partnering to deliver the WRU Energy Framework 2020. In a nutshell, by buying energy centrally on behalf of all participating clubs, the WRU can achieve some major savings and help clubs to reduce their energy bills because a lot of costs applied when suppliers supply small businesses such as rugby clubs are removed.

More detail is also available on Welsh Government new business support packages and HMRC’s capacity to defer payments PAYE/VAT payments and the WRU will continue communicate to clubs on these issues.

A helpline has been established for clubs to ask any specific questions that may not be covered in support document described. We are working closely with our external partners in order to provide clubs with the most appropriate advice.

A key priority for April: We have set up a help centre to provide support for all clubs and are continuing to develop both the process and methodology for working out what further financial support can be offered to clubs and determining how we would allocate additional funds should they become available.

All member clubs can contact the helpline through the following email address -clubdevelopment@wru.wales

Finally, payments of £1k per club notified in last week’s update have now been made to all member clubs in Wales.


Our on and off-field teams are in the process of creating exciting activities and content to be shared on social media and via the online Game Locker portal (www.wrugamelocker.wales), including input from National Squad conditioning and performance staff so please continue to watch this space.

Many WRU hub officers are currently involved in supporting the school provision for children of key workers and there are plans for the WRU Digital classroom resource to become more widely available to all schools..

In the long term we plan to trial online courses for coaches, referees and other volunteers as part of our regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) provision, to help ensure that all parties are ready to hit the ground running again once rugby can be resumed.

Professional game

The men’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series tournaments in London and Paris has been postponed, provisionally until September. The women’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series tournament in Langford has been postponed until later in the year. The final men’s HSBC World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series event has been postponed until later in the year. Some Rugby World Cup 2021 and 2023 regional qualifying events have been postponed. The World Rugby U20 Championship 2020, scheduled to be hosted in northern Italy in late June and July, has been cancelled following detailed consultation with the Federazione Italiana

Rugby and, this week, the International Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2020 informed us that the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be postponed.

Meanwhile, also this week, WRU chief executive Martyn Phillips agreed to stay on at the helm for the foreseeable future and this news gives much needed stability at this important time.

“It has been my great privilege to work for Welsh rugby over the last five years and it has become clear to us all, that now is not a good time to begin the transition to a new CEO, so I am only too pleased to continue in the role as we negotiate unprecedented circumstances,” said Phillips.

“Our goal is simple. We have set ourselves the goal to emerge from this crisis with the WRU and all teams and clubs, whether they be amateur, semi-professional or professional, intact and able to have a sustainable future.

“I know how much rugby means to Wales and I am committed to stay until such a time as we reach calmer waters and we can again enjoy what sport and rugby means to us all.

"There are so many people across Wales making huge sacrifices at the moment to support us all through extraordinarily difficult times. Compared to the challenges they are facing and against that wider context I had no decision to make.”

Martyn and his executive team will continue to work closely with World Rugby, Six Nations, EPCR and Pro14 on all options for the resumption of rugby once the conditions are right.

“Whilst the 2019/20 Welsh rugby season has been cancelled we continue to work with our partners at Six Nations, European Professional Club Rugby and PRO14 to find the way ahead,”added Phillips.

“The prospect of re-scheduling events is something that is still forming a part of contingency planning for a time when the pandemic has abated.

“At a board meeting scheduled for today, Wednesday 25th March, the WRU Board will be updated on plans to mitigate the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic on WRU business and the professional game in Wales in general.

“Regular meetings are taking place with the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) and Welsh Rugby Players Association (WRPA) in order the manage the negative impact on the elite end of the game.

“The Union is engaged in a constant process of financial modelling and re-modelling in order to contingency plan for all foreseeable scenarios.

“A good outcome would be that pandemic subsides by May or June and this season could be completed in the summer, but what we must do in the meantime is plan for every contingency.”


Diweddariad Statws wythnosol URC 25/3/20.

Annwyl Rygbi Cymreig,

Hoffwn ddechrau’r diweddariad hwn gyda diolch o waelod calon i’r gymuned rygbi Gymreig a’r clybiau sy’n aelodau gyda ni. Bu inni dderbyn llu o ymatebion i’r newyddion fod yn rheidrwydd arnom i ganslo tymor 2019/2020 yr wythnos ddiwethaf,yn ddealladwy yn mynegi siomedigaeth ond y cyfan mewn empathi llawn i’r sefyllfa yr ydym ynddi oll. Tynnwyd sylw at yr agwedd hon gan Glwb Rygbi Pontypwl, sy’n methu aros am ddyrchafiad i Uwch Gynghrair y Grŵp Indigo, ysgrifenodd lythyr agored yn derbyn gyda grȃs a pherspectif iawn y penderfyniad sy’n golygu dim disgyniad na dyrchafiad i neb y tymor hwn. Bu iddynt ysgrifennu (yn y Saesneg gwreiddiol) “We are a club that always strives to react to adversity in the right way and this situation is no exception,” ag hefyd, nid ydynt yn eithriad mewn Rygbi Cymreig gan fod yr agwedd hon wedi lledaenu ar draws y wlad. Ledled hyd a llȇd Cymru, mae’r gȇm gymunedol wedi derbyn y penderfyniad yn llawn ac mae pawb yn amgylchynu mewn cefnogaeth i’r rhai mwyaf anghennus ac yma, yn Undeb Rygbi Cymru, byddwn yn parhau i wneuthur y cyfan a allwn i gefnogi’r gweithredoedd hyn.

Wrth gwrs, rydym yng nghanol digwyddiad byd-eang ac rydym mewn cyswllt cyson gyda holl wledydd mawr mewn rygbi’n y byd. Reglurodd pob un ohonom ym mha le yr ydym yn sefyll, a beth yw oblygiadau ariannol ein sefyllfa bresennol. Bu inni drafod lle y gallem fod gyda’r Chwe Gwlad a bu inni siarad am yr hydref a beth sy’n digwydd gyda theithiau’r haf. Gallwn weithio ar wahanol sefyllfaoedd brys, ond ni allwn, ar hyn o bryd, ateb y cwestiwn o ba bryd y gallwn ail-ddechrau.

Byddwch yn dawel eich meddwl fod gennym eich diddordebau mwyaf yn ein golwg, ein Clybiau sy’n aelodau, yng nghalon pob dim yr ydym yn ei wneuthur a byddwn yn cadw’r llinellau o gyfathrebu cyson a chefnogaeth yn agored fel yr ydym yn gweithio drwy’r amseroedd anodd yma.

Anogaf glybiau i gael mynediad at ein llinell gymorth unigryw er mwyn gweld pa ymorth sydd ar gael mor aml ȃ phosibl.

Yr eiddoch mewn rygbi,

Cadeirydd URC - Gareth Davies

Ein Hamcan

Mae’n hamcan yn syml. Cynlluniwn i ddod allan o’r creisis hwn gydag URC a phob tîm a chlwb, yn amatur, rhan-broffesiynol neu’n broffesiynol, yn parhau’n grwn ag yn gallu cael dyfodol cynaliadwy.

Y gȇm gymunedol

Ar ddydd Gwener, yr 20fed Mawrth, cadarnhaodd Bwrdd URC ddileu tymor 2019/20 ar gyfer pob cystadleuaeth URC. Mae’r penderfyniad hwn yn gymwys i holl gystadlaethau cwpan a chynghrair URC yn ogystal ȃ’r gystadleuaeth traws-ffin rhwng clybiau Cymreig ac Albanaidd a oedd i ddechrau’n Ebrill. Golyga hyn na fydd dyrchafiad na disgybiad yn unrhywun o gynghreiriau URC a bydd clybiau’n aros yn y gynghrair y maent ynddynt yn bresennol. Mae’r gwaharddiad ar weithredodd rygbi’n parhau gyda chyfleusterau ar gau tan dderbynir rhybudd pellach ac mae hyn yn cynnwys dim ymarfer wedi’i drefnu na gemau, defnydd o gyfleusterau campfa clwb, sesiynau trefnedig neu unrhyw gasgliad heb ganiatȃd ar safloedd rygbi.

Bu i dair factor rygbi gynorthwyo i ddod i’r penderfyniad hwn:

- Ni does unrhyw dîm mewn unrhyw gynghrair ar hyn o bryd yn siwr, yn fathemategol o ddyrchafiad neu ostyngiad

- Ceir 1,113 o gemau Cynghrair Genedlaethol Specsavers URC ac Uwch Gynghrair Grŵp Indigo a fyddai angen eu chwarae er cwblhau cystadlaethau cynghrair neu, i’w roi mewn ffordd arall, dim ond 65% o’r tymor sydd wedi’i gwblhau

- Byddai angen lleiafswm o wyth wythnos i gwblhau’r gemau sydd heb eu chwarae

Archwiliwyd nifer sylweddol o atebion posibl, ond, yn y pendraw, cytunwyd mai’r unig ddewis tȇg a chyson oedd i ddileu’r tymor.

Rygbi Merched a Genethod

Yn cyd-fynd gyda’r cyhoeddiad am ganslo holl gystadlaethau URC ar gyfer tymor 2019/20, am eglurhȃd pellach, mae’r canslo hwn yn cynnwys cystadlaeuaeth Cwpan Merched a Genethod a ddechreuodd ym Mawrth. Yn cyd-fynd gyda gwahardd holl weithgareddau rygbi yng Nghymru, mae’r gwaharddiad hwn yn cynnwys Hybiau Benywaidd URC. Adolygir unrhyw weithred Hwb Benywaidd i’r dyfodol yn dilyn diwedd y tymor traddodiadol a’r ddarpariaeth o ffurfiau gwahanol ar gyfer merched hŷn yng nghyd-destun cyngor llywodraeth ar sail parhaus. Yn ogystal, adolygir y Rhaglen Ranbarthol (Hŷn a Dan 18) a oedd i gymryd lle ym Mehefin, Gorffennaf ag Awst, yn barhaus yng nghyd-destun cyngor y llywodraeth.

Treialu Ail-osod y Tymor

Mehefin diwethaf, yn seiliedig ar adborth gan gkybiau a rhai oedd yn cymryd rhan mewn treial o rygbi mini’n ystod misoedd yr haf, cyhoeddwyd rhaglen treial pellach o ail-osod tymor, a oedd i gynnwys gemau’n Mehefin a Gorffennaf 2020.

Seilir y treial hwn i raddau health ar y tymor rygbi traddodiadol ond cyflwyna toriad gaeaf newydd ar gyfer rygbi mini i’r clybiau a oedd yn cymryd rhan yn Rhagfyr a Ionawr gydag estyniad byrrach i’r tymor er mwyn ymgorffori rhai o’r buddion a brofwyd gan chwaraewyr a gwirfoddolwyr yr haf diwethaf – ond gyda thoriad clir i bawb yn ystod gwyliau’r ysgol.
Roedd mwy na 65 clwb ar draws Cymru i fod i gymryd rhan yn yr ail dreial hwn, ond, yn awr, adolygir y bwriad o barhau’n Mehefin a Gorffennaf ar sail barhausa fydd yn cyd-fynd gyda chyngor y llywodraeth.

Beth yr ydym yn ei wneud i helpu?


Derbyniodd pob clwb ddogfen gefnogaeth sy’n manylu ar ffynonellau cyllido ac yn cynnig cymorth a chefnogaeth mewn amrywiaeth o ffyrdd. Cynnwys y wybodaeth y camau cyntaf y gall clwb ei gymryd i leihau costau sy’n parhau. Yn ogystal, ceir arweiniad ar y dewisiadau cyllidol a mesurau arbed costau i’r tymor canolig a thymor hir y gall clybiau eu hystyried. Rhoddir manylion pellach yn y ddogfen ar y dilead o gyfraniadau gwasanaethau Darlledu i glybiau gan ‘Sky Sports’, ‘BT Sport’ a ‘Premier Sports’, sy’n cynnig darpariaethau cadarnhaol amrywiol. Linciwyd clybiau gyda ‘Molson Coors’ a ‘Heineken’ gan gynnig cyngor a chefnogaeth ar faterion bragu, yn cynnwys sut i gau selerydd a rheoli benthyciadau cyfredol ag ati.

Cadarnhaodd banc ‘Natwest’ y gall clybiau ymgeisio am ohiriad o 6 mis ar ad-daliadau capital ac anogir clybiau i gysylltu gyda chyflenwyr egni swyddogol URC, ‘Amber energy’, y rhai yr ydym yn partner gyda er mwyn cyflenwi’r Fframwaith Egni URC 2020. Yn syml, wrth brynu egni’n ganolog ar ran yr holl glybiau sy’n cymryd rhan, gall URC gyrraedd arbedion mawr iawn a chynorthwyo clybiau i leihau eu biliau an egni oherwydd gwelir llawer o’r costau sydd ynghlwm gyda chyflenwyr yn darparu egni i fusnesau bychan, megis clybiau rygbi’n cael eu dileu.

Gwelir mwy o fanylion yn ogystal ar becynnau cefnogi busnesau newydd Llywodraeth Cymru a chapasiti HMRC i ohirio taliadau TWE/TAW a bydd URC yn parhau i gyfathrebu gyda chlybiau ar y materion hyn.

Sefydlwyd llinell gymorth fel y gall clybiau ofyn unrhyw gwestiwn penodol nad sydd, o bosibl, yn cael ei gyfeirio ato’n y ddogfen cefnogaeth a ddisgrifiwyd. Rydym yn gweithio’n agos gyda’n partneriaid allanol fel ag i gyflwyno’r cyngor mwyaf addas i glybiau.

Blaenoriaeth allweddol ar gyfer Ebrill: Gosodom i fyny Ganolfan Gymorth er mwyn cynnig cefnogaeth i’r holl glybiau ac ryfym yn parhau i ddatblygu’r broses a’r fethodoleg ar gyfer gweithio allan pa gefnogaeth ariannol pellach y gellir ei gynnig i glybiau a phenderfynu sut y buasem yn rhannu cyllid ychwanegol pe byddent yn dod ar gael.

Gall yr holl glybiau sy’n aelodau gysylltu gyda’r linell gymorth drwy’r cyfeiriad e-bost canlynol -clubdevelopment@wru.wales

Yn olaf, erbyn hyn trosglwyddwyd y taliadau o £1k y clwb, a nodwyd yn niweddariad yr wythnos ddiwethaf, i’r holl glybiau yng Nghymru sy’n aelodau.


Mae’n timau ar, ac oddiar y maes, yng nghanol y broses o greu gweithgareddau cyffrous a chynnwys i’w rhannu ar gyfryngau cymdeithasol a thrwy’r portal arlein ‘Game Locker’ (www.wrugamelocker.wales), sy’n cynnwys mewnbwn gan staff cyflwr a pherfformiad y Sgwad Cenedlaethol ac felly, os gwelwch yn dda, parhewch i wylio’r safle yma.

Mae nifer o swyddogion hwb URC ar hyn o bryd ynghlwm gyda chefnogi’r argaeledd ysgolion i blant gweithwyr allweddol, gyda chynlluniau i adnoddau Dosbarth Digidol WRU i ddod yn fwy hygyrch i bob ysgol.

Yn y tymor hir, rydym yn cynllunio treialu ein cyrsiau arlein ar gyfer hyfforddwyr, dyfarnwyr a gwirfoddolwyr eraill fel rhan o’n Datblygiad Proffesiynol Parhaus (DPP) cyson, fel ag i sicrhau fod pawb yn barod i gychwyn yn syth unwaith y bydd rygbi’n ail ddechrau.

Y gȇm broffesiynol

Gohiriwyd twrnamentau Cyfres Saith pob Ochr y Byd HSBC i ddynion yn Llundain a Pharis, tan fis Medi’n y lle cyntaf. Gohiriwyd twrnament Saith pob Ochr y Byd HSBC i ferched yn Langford tan yn hwyrach yn y flwyddyn. Gohiriwyd y digwyddiad terfynol o Gyfres Her HSBC Saith pob Ochr y Byd tan yn hwyrach yn y flwyddyn. Gohiriwyd rhai digwyddiadau ymgymhwyso rhanbarthol Cwpan Rygbi’r Byd 2021 a 2023. Canslwyd Pencampwriaeth Dan 20 Rygbi’r Byd 2020, a oedd i fod i ddigwydd yng Nghogledd yr Eidal yn niwedd Mehefin a Gorffennaf, yn dilyn ymgynghori manwl gyda ‘Federazione Italiana Rugby’ ag, yr wythnos hon, nododd y Pwyllgor Olympic Rhyngwladol a Tokyo 2020 wrthym y bydd y Gemau Olympic a Pharalympic yn cael eu gohirio.

Yn y cyfamser, yr wythnos hon, bu i brif weithredwr URC, Martyn Phillips, gytuno i aros ymlaen ar y pen am y dyfodol rhagweladwy ac mae’r newyddion hyn yn rhoi inni’r sefydlogrwydd angenrheidiol ar y cyfnod pwysig yma.

“Bu’n fraint fawr imi weithio i Rygbi Cymreig tros y bum mlynedd ddiwethaf a daeth yn glir inni gyd, nad yw yn awr yn amser da i ddechrau’r trawsnewid i SPW Newydd, ac felly, rwy’n falch iawn i barhau’n y rôl fel yr ydym yn negydu amgylchiadau nas gwelwyd o’r blaen,” meddai Phillips.

“Mae’n amcan yn syml. Gosodom i ni’n hunain yr amcan i ddod allan o’r creisis yma’n gyda URC a phob tîm a chlwb, boed hwy’n amatur, rhannol broffesiynol neu’n broffesiynol, yn gyfan ac yn alluog i gael dyfodol cynaladwy.

“Rwyf yn gwybod yr hyn a olyga rygbi yng Nghymru ac rwyf yn ymroddedig i aros tan yr amser hynny y byddwn yn cyrraedd dyfroedd tawelach ac y gallwn, unwaith yn rhagor, fwynhau’r hyn y mae chwaraeon a rygbi’n ei olygu inni gyd.

"Mae cymaint o bob lar draws Cymru yn gwneud aberthiadau enfawr ar y funud i’n cefnogi oll drwy amseroedd hynod o anodd. O’i gymharu gyda’r heriau y maent hwy’n eu wynebu ac yn erbyn y cyd-destun ehangach, nid oedd gennyf benderfyniad i’w wneud.”

Bydd Martyn a’i dîm pwyllgorol yn parhau i weithio’n agos gyda Rygbi’r Byd, Chwe Gwlad, RPCE a Pro14 ar yr holl ddewisiadau ar ail gychwyn rygbi unwaith y bydd yr amodau’n iawn.

“Tra’r canslwyd y tymor rygbi Cymreig 2019/20, parhawn i weithio gyda’n partneriaid yn y Chwe Gwlad, Rygbi Clwb Proffesiynol Ewropeaidd a PRO14 er canfod y ffordd ymlaen,” ychwanegodd Phillips.

“Mae’r rhagolwg o ail-drefnu digwyddiadau’n rhywbeth sy’n parhau i ffurfio rhan o gynllunio argyfwng am beth amser tan y bydd y pandemic wedi diflannu.

“Mewn cyfarfod bwrdd a drefnwyd ar gyfer heddiw, Mercher 25ain Mawrth, diweddarir Bwrdd URC ar gynlluniau i wrthsefyll y risgiau a ddaw i’r amlwg gyda’r pandemic coronafeirws ar fusnes URC a’r gȇm broffesiynol yng Nghymru’n gyffredinol.

“Cynhelir cyfarfodydd rheolaidd gyda’r Bwrdd Rygbi Proffesiynol (BRP) a Chymdeithas Chwaraewyr Rygbi Cymreig (CChRC) fel ag i reoli’r effaith negyddol ar y pen elît o’r gȇm.

“Mae’r Undeb yn parhau mewn proses gyson o fodelu ariannol ac ail-fodelu fel ag i gynllunio argyfwng ar gyfer holl sefyllfaoedd y gellir eu rhagweld yn y dyfodol.

“Canlyniad da fyddai fod y pandemic yn lleihau erbyn Mai neu Fehefin ag y gellid cwblhau’r tymor hwn yn yr haf, ond yr hyn y mae’n rhaid inni’i wneud yn y cyfamser yw cynllunio ar gyfer popeth annisgwyl.”

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