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1. Membership


Membership of Wensleydale RUFC is subject to the following conditions:

Player Members must be registered with the RFU as players of Wensleydale RUFC and no other club registered with the RFU.

Player Members are bound by the laws and resolutions of the Rugby Football Union and its constituent body.

All Members agree to ensure that they, their friends and family and guests abide by the Rules, Policies and Codes of the Club which can be found on the website under Club Info - Policies:

  • Policies of the Club:
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Constitution
  • Social Media Policy
  • Child Protection and Equity.

Members agree to photos of themselves, their supporters, parents, children being used for publicity purposes in newspapers, promotional material and the website from time to time. WRUFC will not name children unless express permission is obtained from parents or guardians in advance.

Members understand that Rugby is a contact sport and that injuries can occur. Members agree to providing emergency contact details and to notify the Team Manager of any changes immediately. In the event of an injury or illness, all reasonable steps will be taken to contact the nominated emergency contact and to deal with the illness or injury as appropriate.

Members agree to disclose any relevant medical information (such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes etc) and to notify the Team Manager of any changes immediately.

Membership runs annually from 1 September to 31 August.

For Junior and Mini Members, it is a condition of membership that a Parent or Guardian also joins as a Member, whether as a Playing or Non-Playing Adult who agrees to the Junior Member participating in activities of the club.

Family membership is available for families with 2 or more players, provided that all members live at the same address.

Members agree to pay their subscription annually, no later than 1 October. Members joining after 1 September but before 1 January are required to pay the full annual membership on joining. Members joining after 1 January are eligible for a 50% reduction in subscription fees.

To join as a member, go to and click on Join Website and sign up. Once your request has been approved, log into your account and follow the instructions for renewing your membership below. Please note that it will be necessary for each member to create a separate account.

To renew your membership please pay over the bar with either cash or card or via your membership secretary.

All details held by the Club are are Private and Confidential and are solely for the use of the Club. WRUFC will not be disclose any details to any third party in accordance with the current Data Protection Legislation.

Wensleydale RUFC reserve the right to refuse membership to personnel whom they deem not to qualify for WRUFC membership or rescind membership at any time should members not meet the conditions outlined above.

Members of Wensleydale RUFC are entitled to the following benefits:
Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (excluding Junior Members)
Wear the WRUFC Club Logo on articles of clothing such as Club Kit, Club Tie etc.
Apply for and purchase International Match Tickets
Participate in Club activities
Membership of a team and represent that team in matches (Player Members only)
Hire of the Club Facilities at discounted rates (subject to terms and conditions and availability)

For further information, please contact Andy Mundy, club secretary.