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10. Photographic Image Policy

Wensleydale RUFC Photographic Image Policy
WRUFC, with parental/carer consent for U18s and vulnerable adults, may take photographs and videos (images) of players and club activities to celebrate and promote rugby and the club and to assist in player development. We will follow RFU guidance.

Parents/carers are asked for consent on RFU/Club registration forms and should tell the safeguarding officer if there is a reason why images may not be taken (e.g. a court order). Club policy is that this consent also applies to anyone else taking photographs of players or matches on our premises or of our players in accordance with this guidance.
Consent remains in force until withdrawn by the parent/carer or by legal requirements.
If consent is not/cannot be given the Coaches/Team Manager of the player concerned will be informed and the Team Manager will inform relevant parents/carers that images may not be taken of that team. Strict confidentiality about the player(s) concerned will be maintained. Parents/carers of other players will be required not to discuss the matter further. The club will endeavour to ensure full participation of a player without image consent but cannot guarantee this for all activities.
The Team Manager may make special arrangements for club/team images by arrangement with the parent/carer concerned.
The Team Manager will communicate with opposition officials to ensure no images are taken of a team without consent and will also communicate any opposition club image policy issues to our parents/carers.
The RFU require special consent arrangements for festivals. Team Managers will deal with this well in advance.

Image Type - Images of young players (U18) and vulnerable adults must:

Never identify an individual by name, address, school etc. unless specific written parental/carer consent is given (e.g. for newspaper/website publication of an award or representative honours)

Always be appropriate regarding players dress and activity

Focus on group and team activities rather than individuals

Image Use
May record and use images for training and coaching purposes
May publish images to promote and celebrate club activities and successes

Members/Players Family/Friends
May record and use images to celebrate their family’s/friend’s participation in Rugby Football and to promote and celebrate club activities and successes
Consent to any request from the club (or a parent/carer of a particular player) to remove an image (of that player) from social media or website or to stop recording images.

Visiting supporters, players and officials agree to follow this policy. WRUFC officials may demand they stop recording images at our club or of our players if this is not the case

Others – e.g. professional photographers
Will confirm in writing that they will follow this policy
Will agree with WRUFC Club Officials what they will photograph/record and how images will be used

Further guidance is available at: RFU Safeguarding Policy