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West Bank Bears U9 V Pilks Recs U9  13th May 2018

West Bank Bears U9 V Pilks Recs U9 13th May 2018

By Bev Quirk
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Winning ways for the Bears!

A bright and sunny Sunday morning in St Helens was the backdrop for today’s spectacular game.

Captain Thomas Stanton shook hands with the Pilks captain who started the game for the St Helens side. Straight from the off the Bears stepped up to the mark in defence and let nothing through their line. West Banks first shift with ball finished in a knock on but with superb and determined runs from Jack Egerton and Jacob Potter it was proving to be a good game already. With the Bears letting their guard down in defence led to Pilks slipping through with their first try of the game but this was soon replied to by Thomas Stanton who ran straight around the line of defence and put in try number one for the Bears. It was tit-for-tat next as Pilks put another one over despite a valiant chase from Thomas Stanton. Thomas soon put this right though as on the third run he just managed to stay in touch and scored his second try. A smashing one on one tackle from Shaun Arnold next made great viewing and persistent pressure from Jacob Potter and Thomas Stanton forced Pilks to knock on. West Bank were on fire as Kio Batty and Hayden McInerney made good yards with their big drives forward which led to small but mighty Luke Barnett skip through with try number 3 for West Bank. In the second ten minutes of the match, Oliver Edge was unlucky not to score as he was tackled just inches from the line. With defence lacking from West Bank, Pilks crept in with another try. This did not faze the Bears though with mighty running from Alfie Ryan and Danyl O’Brien and the strong Harry Nuttall who was determined to make good ground as he made a great push up the field. Taking their eye off the game for a second, the Bears next conceded a four pointer as Pilks snuck in with their fourth try. After that we witnessed superb running from Lucas Middleton and then scoring his hat trick of the game, Thomas Stanton went over the whitewash once again! In their next set, West Bank made great strides forward with immense running from Lewis Lawrenson, Hayden McInerney, Danyl O’Brien and Oliver Edge. The set was completed with a stormer of a try from number 9, Harry Nuttall.

Half time score – West Bank 20 – Pilks Recs 16

The second half began with mounting pressure from West Bank which led to a knock on and subsequent turnover to the Bears. Jacob and Kio Batty made good yards before the force that is Myla Kelly took the ball around the right wing and scored West Banks 6th try. Commanding pressure once again from Hayden McInerney led to another turnover after a knock on by Pilks this was followed up with great running and teamwork from Jack, Hayden and Thomas Stanton who off loaded to Jacob Potter. Powerful and determined running came next from Alfie Ryan and Luke Barnett had a great run but was run into touch. When Pilks were next in charge of the ball the West Bank defence stepped up a gear with Luke Barnett and Lucas Middleton throwing in some exceptional tackles. Thomas Stanton next took the ball in for the Bears, stepping inside to avoid touch which meant Shaun and Jacob could carry on the good work with Shaun scoring the seventh try for the West Bankers. Harry Nuttall was ruthless in his tackling and would let nothing past him and with Jack Egerton piling on the pressure Pilks once again were unfortunate in knocking on. More great running from the Bears next as we saw Lucas, Lewis and Myla storming up the field and an off load from Jack to Danyl almost resulted in another four points but Danyl was unlucky being tackled into touch. In the last ten minutes of the game West Bank made good metres with first rate running from Jack and Hayden and Harry were both unlucky being tackled just short of the try line. After an interception from Pilks it looked like they were in charge of the ball but another knock on meant the ball was back to West Bank who made the most of the error and Shaun scored West Banks eighth try of the match. When Pilks next had the ball it looked like their man was away but Lucas Middleton had other ideas and made a cracker of a tackle. Another top tackle from Thomas Stanton made sure that Pilks were kept from scoring as he took his man well over the touch line. West Bank finished their final set of the game with exceptional running to the last minute and proving themselves a great bunch of lads who work as a team with Kio being helped out in a tackle by Harry and Luke and Myla off loading the ball. Another great game for the Bears against a tough St Helens side.

Full time score – West Bank 32 – Pilks Recs 20

Man of the match – Thomas Stanton
Coach’s award – Myla Kelly
Top Tackler – Shaun Arnold
Parents award – Harry Nuttall

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Sun 13, May 2018