Sat 16
Leyland Warriors
West Bank Bears U8  36 V Leyland Warriors U8 24

West Bank Bears U8 36 V Leyland Warriors U8 24

By Bev Quirk
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Teamwork at it’s best!

This week West Bank travelled away to Leyland and after the heavy rain this the week we were blessed with some Lancashire sunshine.

The match began with West Bank in possession and on the third play of the ball the fast thinking Hayden McInerney went over the line with the first try of the game. Leyland replied to this with their first try despite Trojan tackling from Shaun Arnold, Oliver Edge and Jacob Potter. The Bears were quick to respond to the try with another of their own from mighty Thomas Stanton after a super run from Luke Barnett and an unlucky run from Danyl O’Brien who was caught short of the line. It seemed tit-for-tat as once again Leyland responded by scoring another try as did West Bank in their next set after a superb charge into the defence from Oliver Edge, leaving Jacob Potter to score try number 3! West Bank stopped the Warriors in their tracks next with a superb one on one tackle from Jacob Potter and a cruncher from Shaun Arnold causing a knock on and Thomas Stanton jumping on the loose ball. Thomas Boyes had a great run next and great teamwork from Danyl O’Brien and Luke Barnett was witnessed but the pressure from the Leyland defence proved too much for the Bears to take the ball over.

The second 10 of the game saw Leyland with the ball but with the presence of Jack Egerton coming on to the pitch they failed to score as Jack, Shaun and Alfie Ryan piled on the pressure in defence. In West Bank’s next set Alfie Ryan made an impressive offload to Shaun who passed out to Jack Egerton who then took an intense tackle from Leyland. Thomas Boyes and Luke Barnett next made good headway before the spectators were in no doubt of a try being scored as Thomas Stanton steamed through and scored try number 4 for the Bears. In Leyland’s next set it was teamwork as the West Bank defence kept them from scoring. It wasn’t long before the effortless looking Thomas Stanton skipped over the whitewash to score his hat-trick of the game taking the score to five tries for the Bears. Just before the half time whistle we witnessed a treat for the eyes as Alfie Ryan and Lewis Lawrenson made two astounding tackles, preventing the Warriors from closing the gap.

Half time – West Bank 20, Leyland 4

It wasn’t long into the second half when Hayden McInerney made great yards up the field and Jack Egerton finished off with try number 6. The Warriors were denied a try in their next set with the amazing Danyl O’Brien stopping a try near the line. Next, with Lewis Lawrenson and Danyl O’Brien making good ground and super running from Alfie Ryan an impressive offload from Hayden McInerney to Jacob Potter led to the next try being created for West Bank. Complacency seemed to set in next as the bears let their guard down as Leyland ran their third try over the line. However, it wasn’t long before West Bank came back with another try from Hayden McInerney after great running from Thomas Boyes and Jacob Potter. Once again West Bank underestimated the Leyland line as they once again ran a try past the Bears.

In Leyland’s first set of the last quarter of the match it was Alfie Ryan who shone in defence as he put in tackle after tackle on the Warriors. Great running next from the Bears as Thomas Boyes, Lewis Lawrenson, Shaun Arnold and Alfie Ryan ran their hearts out. Thomas Boyes dummied the ball past the Warriors and offloaded to Lewis Lawrenson who unfortunately was stopped just inches from the line. In Leyland’s next set we saw superb tackling from Shaun Arnold and back up pressure from Oliver Edge, but despite this, Leyland scored their fifth try. A professional looking offload from Jacob Potter to Oliver Edge led to Oliver making good metres. Try as he might, Thomas Stanton could not force himself through the defensive line next and was stopped short of the line, as was Oliver Edge in the same fashion. It was Lewis Lawrenson though on the fourth play of the ball who took the ball over the line for West Bank’s last try of the game.

Final score – West Bank 36 – Leyland Warriors 24

Captain – Luke Barnett
Coach’s award – Thomas Boyes
Man of the Match – Thomas Stanton
Top tackler – Shaun Arnold
Parent’s award – Thomas Stanton

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Sat 16, Sep 2017