Oliver Stankevitch

Oliver Stankevitch

Loose Forward
Looks like Oliver Stankevitch didn’t play this season

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Get to know Oliver..........

Q. What school do you attend?
A. Cronton C of E

Q. Who are your favourite Super League team?
A. Widnes Vikings (dad says "he wouldn't have any of my St Helens suggestion")

Q. Who is your favourite Rugby League player?
A. Jack Owens

Q. What is your favourite food/meal?
A. Anything that I can eat.....but mainly Chinese food....and lots of it!

Q. What is your favourite drink?
A. Oasis

Q. What is your favourite computer game?

Q. What do you like doing when you're not playing rugby?
A. Playing on my X Box

Q. What is your favourite film?
A. The Goonies. My twin brother Sloth is one of the characters.

Q. What do you want to be when you are older?
A. Footballer or Rugby player

Q. What do you like best about playing for West Bank Bears U8's?
A. Tackling and the sausage and chips after the matches.

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