Sun 11
Limehurst Lions
A Elkin (2), J Lamb, D Kenny (2), J Whiteside, C King, R McAdam, O O'Brian, L Watmore, J Buckley
Under 7s enjoy first game of season in oldham

Under 7s enjoy first game of season in oldham

By Eddie McAdam
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Limehurst 16 v 44 west bank bears

Today our under 7s kicked off the season with a confident win. The first 5 mins were end to end with both teams scoring like for like early doors. Our first try come from 2 great runs from Joel Whiteside and Lucas watmore setting up Alex elkin to crash over for his first try of the game. Our next run was Josh lamb who scored an incredible solo try, barnstorming straight through the heart of their defence, leaving 3 would be tacklers on the floor. Strong defence from Noah kearney, Joel Whiteside and Declan kenny. Held the visitors unable to further their scoreline in the first quarter. The turnover saw Oscar O'Brien and Declan kenny march up the field setting up great field position for Joel Whiteside to weave his way over for a try, do wishing the 1st quarter 3-2 to West bank.
With the 2nd team now entering the field with defence being the aim, it was the away team to strike first after being forced backwards with solid defence it was the home team who s ored a great try after two good offloads and a great finish. West banks turn with the ball lead to a score after 3 tackles with Jacob Sinclair making yards then finding a great offload to make further yards, We then see Cullen Kelly chewing up the yards leaving Caleb king in great space to put on two cheeky steps to find his way over the try line. Ferocious defence on show from Reece Mcadam, Jacob Sinclair and Jack Buckley caused the visitors unable to find the scoreboard again on the 2nd quarter. A 30 metre break from reece mcadam led to good position for jenson gamble to fall cm's short from the try line leading to Declan kenny stepping his way to the try line. Declan kenny, Cullen Kelly and Caleb king making good yards up the field leaving for Reece Mcadam to finish a good try handing off his would be tacklers to finish the try in the corner going into half time 24-12 to West bank bears. Half time talk was aimed solely on defence and the boys showed that only allowing the home side one more try for the rest of the game. Next try scorer was Oscar o'brien who had a great run finishing with a great step to beat two defenders diving over the try line. Next try was off the back of two great runs from noah kearney and Josh lamb just falling short leaving Alex elkin to dive his way over the try line from short range. The next try was from the power house Lucas watmore who had a strong running game every time his hands had the ball, he received the ball 15m out and just plowed straight through the defence dragging one defender over the try line with him. The 3rd quarter ending 36 -16. The first try of the 4th quarter was from a Cullen Kelly break with 3 or 4 fends falling short, for a dubious decision from what looked like a great finish from jenson gamble being called no try leaving space for Jack Buckley to step his way over the try line. The next try came from a Reece McAdam break were he had just dropped the ball over the line leaving Declan Kenny to grab his second try from short range.
West bank came out victors 44-16

Noah kearney- opposition man of the match
Jacob Sinclair- parents man of the match
Coach award- Jack Buckley
Top tackler - Reece Mcadam

Try scorers
Alex elkin x 2
Declan kenny x 2
Jack Buckley
Josh lamb
Reece mcadam
oscar o'brien
Lucas watmore
Joel Whiteside
Caleb king

Next game is home to Newton storm with a 10 o'clock kickoff.

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Sun 11, Mar 2018