Sat 17
Men's First Team
Cambridge HC
Important victory for Eagles men against Cambridge

Important victory for Eagles men against Cambridge

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After a defeat against London GD last game, the Eagles were eager to take three points against Cambridge.

Eagles moves up to 4th place in the Premier Handball League after an important 26 - 24 win against Cambridge.

Cambridge, however, provided a proper challenge for the Eagles. Especially the left half Majoros (?) gave both the Eagles defenders and goalkeeper a tough time in the opening minutes with his good right arm, giving Cambridge an early lead.

The two teams were neck in neck throughout what proved to be a first half with a lot of goals. Eagles´ attack , led on by Kamil Deren on the center half, gave Cambridge a hard day at work. Towards the end of the first half, the Cambridge defense tightened up, forcing the home team to make some changes. Lucas Carstens came on as left half and made an instant impact with his powerful right arm and reliable penalty shots, which led to a total of 15 goals in the first half. Cambridge, with the mentioned left half didn’t want to be any worse, and fought hard to make it a tie at half time.

Eagles had a much needed rest in the half time break, and bursted out in the second half. After being Cambridge´s star player in the opening half, Eagles decided to take out Majoros, which made life much easier for the Eagles goalkeepers who made many decisive saves in the opening minutes. Offensively, the Eagles kept on scoring, with Kamil Deren, Lucas Carstens and Mats Larsen in total making 18 goals between them. Ivan Vik on the line and Joe Ernst on the right wing worked hard to give the three halves the space they needed to make it a 6 goals lead after 15 minutes. The victory seemed to be secure.

After a very good period from the Eagles, the Cambridge had a time out, resulting in the visitors to really up their game. Before the Eagles had time to consider what hit them, the visitors were suddenly three goals behind with 5 minutes left on the clock. The home team refused to let the three points slip out of their hands, and calmed down to end it with a two goal win.

A big win for the Eagles, moving up to 4th place in the Premier Handball League. The victory surely gives the Eagles an important boost of confidence before the next game against the Warrington Wolves.

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Sat 17, Nov 2018