Sat 27
Men's First Team
Warrington Wolves
Eagles triumph in the last game of the season thriller

Eagles triumph in the last game of the season thriller

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The last game of the season brought us an exciting spectacle, in which Eagles and Wolves fought for the win till the very last second.

In the last game of the season men's team faced Warrington Wolves. A win against them and Nottingham and Cambridge losing their games would allow West London Eagles to improve their final league table position to 5th place. This game provided also a good payback oportunity for the lost national cup semi-final.

Thus motivated Eagles started strongly with two goals lead, playing effectively both in offence and defence. In the former our back players were scoring from the second line, which opened them way for cooperation with our pivot David Sedlaček, who scored all his 3 goals in the first half. The same amount was also scored by Marc Fayemi, whose one-on-one skills gave the Wolves' defence a lot of trouble throughout the game. In the latter, with the help from hard working defence, there was a wall in the goal in person of Alex Pechlivanis, who in his last game for Eagles made sure to be well remembered, achieving 50% save rate in the goal, including 4 saved penalties out of 5.
The lead gained at the beginning of the game was kept by West London Eagles throughout the first half, which ended with a score 13:11 for the host team.

The second half managed to be even more exciting, with Warrington Wolves pushing back and trying to gain a lead. On Eagles' side, Lucas Carstens took the burden of scoring on himself, finding the way to the goal 7 times in the second half and 11 in entire game.
Despite constant heavy efforts in defence and 50% effectiveness in the goal of Tomasz Kawa, Warrington Wolves kept their focus and exploited some of Eagles' mistakes to gain the lead for the first time in the last few minutes of the game. Fortunately our team got over the brief slump and managed to even out the score with Danut Nelutescu's goal from the left wing.
In the next moments of crucial struggle in defence, when Wolves' left winger tried to pass the ball to the center back, it was intercepted by Lucas Carstens who went on a fast break and scored the last goal of the game, and his last one for Eagles. In the next remaining seconds Warrington still had a chance to even out the score but faced with our determined defence, they failed to do so.

With final score 24:23 for Eagles, they gained important three points which due to Nottingham and Cambridge losing their games, promoted West London Eagles to the 5th place in the league at the end of the season.

Pechlivanis, Kawa - Carstens 11, Sedlaček 3, Nelutescu 3, Fayemi 3, Ernst 2, Dereń 2, Mihaila, Stan, Florczak, Urbutis

Coach: Zoran Lukacs
Assistant coach: Radek Kozaczuk

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Sat 27, Apr 2019