Sat 06
Women's First Team
Reading Lionesses
Eagles women secure their first victory of the season against Reading Lionesses

Eagles women secure their first victory of the season against Reading Lionesses

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With the entire Eagles squad available for a game at Barking Sporthouse coach Paul Dempsey tried many superb team configurations

A balanced game for the first 5 minutes of the match in which Anette performed multiple saves in the Eagles’ goal. After taking the lead, Eagles started to be more aggressive and organised in attack with goals from the left wing by Anais, and Marghe securing a penalty scored by Maddie.

The Eagles were in good shape and despite the good defense of the Lionesses, young Zoe was fast and unstoppable and scored many fast breaks from the right wing exquisitely served by Lacra, who had her debut with the Eagles and showed to be an excellent addition to the team. Sunniva took Maddie's place in the middle for a few minutes, enough time for the captain to score and speed up the ball to open the space for Noelly who scored beautifully from the left wing. The score was 7-14 to the Eagles at the end of the first half.

The Lionesses didn’t give up and tried a 5-1 defense taking out the playmaker, but Eagles scored from every position: Maria opened the space for Anne and Amy to shoot from 9 meters. Eagles showed a strong and clean defense with Marghe and Lacra stopping the Lionesses’ line player and Victoria, another Eagles' debutant, made the Lionesses’ left back's life very difficult. With 10 minutes to go, the scoreline showed 15-25 to the Eagles. The Eagles relaxed a bit in defense and the Lionesses' took advantage of it by scoring three times, however the Eagles attack was strong with Maddie, Lacra and Victoria shooting from distance.

The game ended in a victory for the Eagles 32-22.

Goals: Zoe (9), Lacra (5), Anais (4), Marghe (3), Noelly (3), Victoria (3), Maddie (2), Maria (1), Sunniva (1), Anne (1).

The Eagles dedicated the victory to Kiki who broke her ankle 2 weeks ago playing against Olympia and is now recovering after a surgery.

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Sat 06, Oct 2018