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Last minute save sees Eagles beat Angels

Last minute save sees Eagles beat Angels

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In a game full of penalties and suspensions for both sides goalkeepers Anette and Lilla’s efforts in goal decided a tight game.

The visiting West London team made it tough for Angels to defend with 5 different players scoring the first 9 goals showing the strength in every position. The Angels attempted to man-mark Sunni to interrupt the flow of the attack which created some difficulties, but in the end opened up more room for the other players, which was taken advantage of throughout the game.

An Eagles newcomer, Judith, enjoyed the extra space and scored her first goal after only 2 minutes on court. She followed up with 4 more goals and was a great success on the right half along with Anne.

In defense however, Angels created some difficulties led by their number 55 who scored 11 times. The Eagles tried hard to stop the green side when they were attacking but couldn’t quite make it work in the flat defense and received 6x2 minutes suspensions and six penalties against them.

Anette and Lilla both took responsibility and made some spectacular saves from the 7 meter mark which kept the deficit from growing too big, but with 10 minutes left on the clock the Eagles were down with five goals. At this time, Paul took a timeout to gather some strength.

The little breather enabled the Eagles to come flying into the game again. The 5-1 defense took the speed out of the home team’s attack so it was possible to steal the ball and run fast breaks to catch up on the score. Zoe is known for her speed and was marked on fast breaks, but Noelly and Maria took it in turns to create space for each other and scoring goals.

Victoria and Sunni’s goals levelled the score with Angels with 1 minute to go. At 25-25, the Angels were rattled and gave away a penalty. The penalty and winning goal was scored by Maddie which now has given her the nickname “Maddie nerves of steel”.

The game ended 26-25 to Eagles.

A huge applause for the teamwork, incredible goalies and clever coaching.

Finally, a big thank you to all the spectators who came to watch the intense and nerve-wracking match.

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Sun 02, Dec 2018