South Shields & Westoe Club Ltd - Constitution
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South Shields & Westoe Club Ltd - Constitution
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1. Constitution 1


1 Name
The Society shall be called the “South Shields & Westoe Club Limited”.

2 Definitions
Except where the context otherwise permits or requires, the words and expressions listed in the Schedule of Definitions set out in Rule 36 shall bear the meanings given to them therein.

3 Objects
The principal object of the Club shall be to provide facilities for and promote participation by the whole community in the Games and in pursuance of such principal object the ancillary objects of the Club shall be to:

3.1 promote, encourage and foster the Games for the benefit of the Members including (but not limited to) the coaching thereof at all levels.

3.2 promote, encourage and foster the Games at all levels in the area of the Ground and the surrounding areas.

3.3 ensure that the Games are played in accordance with the Laws of the Games and administered in accordance with the Governing Bodies Regulations and Rules.

3.4 undertake such matches and fixtures and other activities as the Committee may decide.
3.5 maintain and develop the Ground at Dean Road, South Shields or such other location as the Committee may from time to time determine as the headquarters of the Club and as a venue for playing the Games and conducting the other activities of the Club so as to provide the best possible facilities for Members and those visiting the Ground.

3.6 strengthen the bonds between the Club and the local community in the areas surrounding the Club

4 Powers of the Club
To further its objects the Club shall have the power to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the objects of the Club including (but not limited to) all or any of the following:

4.1 Either directly or indirectly to employ, invest and deal with the assets and funds of the Club for the objects of the Club in such manner as shall be considered by the Committee to be expedient, and to do all such other acts and things and carry on all such other activities (including (but not limited to) leasing, subleasing, releasing, renting, acquiring, altering, erecting, holding, selling,
improving, developing, repairing, hiring, lending with or without security or otherwise dealing with real and personal property of any kind) as shall be considered by the Committee to be necessary or expedient for the purposes of the Club or the advancement of its interests.

4.2 To raise or borrow money for the purposes of or in connection with the activities of the Club or any of them as the Committee thinks fit in accordance with the following provisions:

4.2.1 Any sum or sums raised or borrowed may be on mortgage, charge, bonds or debentures on all or any of the finds or property of the Club whether or not including any floating charge of the whole or part of the undertaking property and assets of the Club both present and future.

4.2.2 At the time of any borrowing the sum of the amount then remaining undischarged of monies borrowed and of the amount of the proposed borrowing shall not exceed 100,000 pounds or such sum as the Members in General Meeting may from time to time determine.

4.2.3 The rate of interest payable at the time the terms of borrowing are agreed on any money borrowed shall not exceed the rate of interest which in the opinion of the Committee represents the market rate of interest for borrowings of similar amount and on similar terms prevailing at that time except that in the case of a mortgage loan the Committee may delegate the determination of the interest rate within specified limits to an Officer, Committee Member or Sub-Committee.

4.2.4 The Committee may determine from time to time (subject to Rules 4.2.1,

4.2.2 and 4.2.3) the terms and conditions upon which money is raised or borrowed or security is issued and may vary such terms and conditions.

4.2.5 No person lending money to the Club shall be concerned to see or enquire whether either of the limits imposed by Rule 4.2.2 or Rule 4.2.3 is exceeded at the time of the borrowing or issue and if either or both of such limits were to be exceeded no borrowing incurred in excess of such limits shall be invalid unless such person had received express notice to this effect at the time of borrowing.

4.3 To give any security or securities whether by way of mortgage or otherwise for the performance of any contracts or any debts, liabilities or obligations of the Club or any of its subsidiaries or other persons or corporations in whose business or undertaking the Club is interested, or to whom or in respect of whom the Club has given any personal covenant, guarantee or indemnity, whether directly or indirectly, and collaterally or further to secure any obligation of whatever nature of the Club by a trust deed or other assurance.

4.4 To accept and grant sponsorship and franchises and make such arrangements in connection therewith as the Committee shall think fit.

4.5 To apply for and hold any licences, consents, certificates, permissions and approvals that may be required for or in connection with the activities of the
Club and (among other things) to provide catering and such other facilities as the Committee shall consider desirable.

4.6 To invite, receive and make donations for or otherwise promote or assist in the development or continuance of facilities for the Games for the benefit of the Club or any other Community Amateur Sports Club or registered charity.

4.7 To support (whether by direct subscription, the giving of guarantees or otherwise) any Community Amateur Sports Club or any charitable institution or organisation, or any event or purpose of a public or general nature, the support of which will or may, in the opinion of the Committee, directly or indirectly benefit, or is calculated so to benefit, the Club.

4.8 To promote, arrange and organise competitions and entertainments in connection with the Games any other sport or recreation.

4.9 To engage such officials and employees upon such terms and at such remuneration as the Committee may deem appropriate, and to dismiss or retire any of them as may be necessary.

4.10 To provide pensions, insurances and other benefits to employees or ex employees of the Club or the dependants and relatives of any such persons and to establish and maintain or concur in establishing and maintaining trusts, funds, schemes or other arrangements (whether contributory or non- contributory) with a view to providing such benefits including (but not limited to) retirement benefits and/or life assurance schemes.

4.11 To maintain bank accounts in credit or overdrawn on such terms as the Committee shall think fit including the giving of guarantees and indemnities in respect of direct debits and other money transmission or collection systems whether pursuant to Rule 17.5 or otherwise.

4.12 To pass such resolutions, regulations and instructions which shall be binding on all Members as are considered necessary for the better management, organisation, administration and regulation of the Club.

4.13 To settle, conduct, enforce or resist either in a court of law or by arbitration any suit, debt, liability or claim by or against the Club.

5Limits on Powers

5.1 Exercise of the powers contained in Rule 4 shall, notwithstanding any other provision of these Rules, be subject to the following restrictions and limitations:

5.1.1 the Club shall not enter into any agreement with a Member for the supply of goods or services to the Club unless such agreement is on arms length terms and has been approved at a meeting of the Committee without the Member concerned being present;

5.1.2 the engagement by the Club of any official or employee who is also a Member shall be on arms length terms and approved at a meeting of the Committee without the Member concerned being present; and

5.1.3 the Club shall not make any payments to Members for playing the Games