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New season, new rules

New season, new rules

By Michelle Nettleship
1 September 2020
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Check out the new modified game you will be playing in September...

In order to get back to netball, EN have introduced some new modifications to our game.

These rule modifications are below:
- 4ft spacing at the start of play
- 4ft marking
- 4ft position of penalised player
- Removal of Toss ups
- Removal of idle interactions

EN have promised that this will be a true representation of the game we know and love. It will take all of us, players, coaches and umpires a little time to get used to these modifications but it will be great to get started in September.

For more in depth look at these new rules, check out the link below with Gary Burgess, Head of Officiating taking you through Stage 4 netball and the modifications required.

Watch Gary here!

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