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2. Policy on Photography of Children

Weybridge Vandals RFC Junior Section

Policy on Photography of Children

Taking photographic images of children’s success in sport is one of the pleasures for both players and parents/carers but we understand from the RFU that there is evidence that pictures of sporting events can be used inappropriately and the RFU Policy and Procedures for the Safety of Young People in Rugby Union lays down some stringent guidelines for use of photographic and video recordings of children. Weybridge Vandals will do its best to abide by these guidelines and will:

1. request permission from parents/cares when a player joins the Club for appropriate pictures to be taken of their children in the course of playing rugby or in team shots after games, eg at Festivals (note that approval is entirely voluntary and can be reversed at any time);

2. insist that any photographic images are only taken during and after training sessions/competitive games in public view, within the ground, with the permission and under the supervision of squad managers or coaches;

3. ensure that all young people featured in photographs/video recordings are appropriately dressed in normal rugby kit;

4. from time to time and with specific authorisation from parents/carers use photographic images of children engaged in activity to promote the sport and the Club, eg in brochures or press articles;

5. ensure that personal details of young people such as email address, home address and telephone numbers will not be revealed if a photograph/recording is used for publicity purposes;

6. require identification, including evidence of CRB checks, from any professional photographers, eg at Festivals, that are invited into the Club;

7. seek assurances from any other Clubs, whose festivals we are invited to attend, that they also adhere to the RFU guidelines.

8. invite any parent/carer who has concerns about the appropriateness of any photography or video imaging that takes place at the Club to report the matter to one of our Child Protection Officers.