Covid 19 - Club Update #5

Covid 19 - Club Update #5

By Stuart Howkins
1 July
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Vandals will be opening the bar on Saturday 4th July from 10am until 5pm

Dear Vandal,

We have really missed you over the last four months and are excited to let you know that we will be opening the bar on Saturday 4th July from 10am until 5pm.

The opening time will run alongside the rugby section’s Senior and Colts off-season fitness training, but also to encourage members down to re-kindle friendships and connections that were abruptly halted earlier in the year.

We've been working hard behind the scenes at Weybridge Vandals to make sure that when we reopen, we make it as safe as possible, whilst also following the latest government guidelines which means we’ve had to make some changes to how we operate. We hope that you’ll understand this and will help us to ensure that we can get back going again whilst keeping all our members and staff safe.

Before you come back down to the club, here’s a reminder of the latest regulations that will come into place on July 4th:

Here’s what we have done for staff:
- Trained them in accordance with the latest government guidelines for safe working
- Giving them everything they need to work safely, including PPE, training on social distancing and hand hygiene
- Ensured that we have used the technology we have available to minimise contact with other people wherever possible.

It’s really important that we use this Saturday as a test for the new requirements to ensure we are back up and running properly ahead of the new season, so we have some small but important requests for our members, which will help us look after everyone.

What we need you to do:
- Provide contact details (Name & telephone number) to be collected and retained for 21 days to assist with the NHS test and trace system. Please complete the following form no later than 6pm on Friday 3rd July
- Do not enter the clubhouse - due to its lay-out, it will be out of bounds until government guidelines relax. No members will be allowed to enter the club house for any reason.
- Use the Porta-loos - we have provided three porta-loos and a urinal for members to use. Hand sanitiser will be provided and we will also provide antibacterial wipes for door handles and loo seats (Next to cricket pavilion/training pitch).
- Follow social distancing and hygiene regulations at all times, please read and adhere to the requirements of the posters around the club. ‘I didn’t know’ will not be accepted as an excuse and you will be asked to leave if seen to be in non-compliance with any of the safety protocols provided to help staff and yourselves remain safe.
- Use the hand sanitiser stations available to maintain personal hygiene and help keep all members and staff safe.
- Bring your own chairs and coverings for both good and bad weather as there are a limited number of tables available at the club and there will be no seating available within the club or on the patio area outside the tea room. In the event of bad weather the club could temporarily close as customers cannot move inside – Therefore please come prepared with brollies & coats.
- Respect our teams and any requests they have, to keep everyone safe - we will monitor usage of the facilities and the queueing system to ensure it is safe at all times – if necessary, you may be asked to move and we ask that you do so without question.
- Only purchase what you can carry - ALL drinks will be served in plastic glasses (which should be thrown away after use in the bins provided)
- Only use the patio area for ordering drinks. Once you have ordered we ask that you move away immediately to allow other members to place their order.
- ‘Pay as you go’ via our contactless payment system using debit/credit cards. We will operate a cashless system for the foreseeable future and will not be able to offer any credit/tabs.
- No under-age drinking. We remind parents that it is against the law for an adult to buy their under-age children alcohol on a licensed premise. The police are particularly hot on this in light of us applying for a Premises License. We would ask you to ensure we have no under-age drinking on the grounds. If the rules are not adhered to, we will have to ask people to leave and/or close down our bar service.
- Do not gather in groups of more than 6 people from different households. Members are reminded that due to social distancing regulations: you should not gather outdoors in a group of more than six people from different households; gatherings larger than 6 should only take place if everyone is from just two households. The more people you have interactions with, the more chance the virus has to spread. Therefore, try to limit the number of people you see - especially over short periods of time.

This might sound like a big ask, but our priority is to keep you all and our staff safe. If this Saturday goes smoothly, we’ll be able to start increasing the operating hours (to include evenings and weekends) throughout the summer weeks (weather permitting).

We have to comply with government guidelines to ensure we don’t put you or ourselves at risk but we’ll need you to be patient with us whilst we find our way.

Needless to say, we are all really looking forward to seeing you again. In advance, we thank everyone who comes along for supporting our community Sports Club at this very difficult time.

All the best,
Gabe Moores
(University Vandals Limited Bar Chair)

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