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Sat 16
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Final score Weymouth 2, Mendip 0

Final score Weymouth 2, Mendip 0

By Susie Stone
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Man of the Match: Naomi Gadian

Weymouth travelled away to Mendip to face second in the league, who have won all their previous games.
Weymouth were keen to win, as have had a bad run of late and took a strong side to give them the best chance. Mendip started hard and pressed Weymouth deep into their own half, pushing them further back the pitch. The Weymouth defence held strong and kept all attacks and bay and clearing the ball wide to give Weymouth opportunities upfront.
Continuous battling took place between the Weymouth defence and a particularly physical Mendip forward, who kept backing into the Weymouth defence (Anneka Rogers, Sophie Foot, Naomi Gadian and Jacqui Riddler), but they held strong winning the foul every time.
Great play upfront between Casey Foot, Caitlin Dive and Emily Austin created good play down the right hand side and led to several attacks upfront. Weymouth continued this pressure and this led to a run by Emily Austin down the right hand side, along the back line and a reverse shot into the near corner, making the score 1-0.
Mendip were given a green card for repeated fouls in the midfield and Weymouth kept their cool shrugging off any attacks. A hit down the wing to Emily Sauven ended in disaster as it was deflected into her head, splitting the skin and resulting in Emily Sauven having to go to hospital. Thankfully Emily Sauven is only left with a cut to her forehead and concussion and hopes to re-join the Weymouth side in due course.
As the second half stared Weymouth were down to 11 players so were cautious not to get too exhausted and injure any players. Mendip came out strong and pushed many players forward putting lots of pressure on the defence and forcing Weymouth to put players behind the ball making it very difficult for Weymouth the create any attack. The Weymouth defence dealt with it brilliantly and shone this week, being both solid in tackles and creating and supporting attacking play.
A couple of decisions went Mendip’s way which infuriated some of the Weymouth attackers, leading to Lara Blundell being given a yellow and sent off for 10 minutes for verbal abuse to an umpire.
Weymouth did well during this time and kept Mendip at bay and calm play lead to creative triangles between Jacqui Riddler, Susie Stone and Emily Austin. Emily Austin took the ball again down the right hand side, taking the ball into the D and a straight strike on goal passed the keeper into the far left hand side corner, making the final score 2-0.

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Sat 16, Nov 2013




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