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Sat 30
Yeovil and Sherborne 2
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Weymouth 4, Yeovil and Sherborne 1

Weymouth 4, Yeovil and Sherborne 1

By Susie Stone
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Man of the match - Anneke Rogers

Weymouth 1st XI v Yeovil and Sherborne

Final score 4 goals to 1

Team: Emily Austin © , Anneka Rogers (VC), Sophie Foot, Jacqui Riddler, Caitlin Dive, Olivia Culbreth, Lynda Drewitt, Naomi Gadian, Alice Craven, Lilly Young, Lara Blundell, Casey Foot, Chloe Carter-Miles.

Man of the match- Anneka Rogers

Weymouth had a disappointing week last week and had been practising hard this week for an exciting game. Weymouth sat down with coach Andy Stiles and discussed trying a new formation and strategy after last week’s disappointing win.
Weymouth started strong with Anneka Rogers and Casey Foot quickly taking control in the midfield, spreading the ball wide, using the width and playing the ball up-field to captain Emily Austin and Lynda Drewitt. Weymouth had a couple of chances to take the lead but the Yeovil goalkeeper stopped any chances and cleared the ball.
All of the play was in Weymouth’s half but a misdirected pass gave Yeovil the opportunity for a shot on goal but this was saved by Alice Craven and Yeovil were awarded a short corner. Yeovil took the short corner well with a deflection off a straight strike making the score 1-0.
Weymouth were disappointed by this as they had most of the possession, but pushed on nethertheless. Caitlin Dive and Naomi Gadian played well down the right hand side and created opportunities for Emily Austin and Lynda Drewitt but all chances were stopped again by excellent goalkeeping.
Weymouth began turning the Yeovil defence inside out and a foot in the D gave Weymouth a penalty corner. The first shot was saved by the keeper, but the second was struck by Anneka Rogers into the top right hand side of the goal levelling the score 1-1.
Weymouth continued piling on the pressure and a quick free hit taken by Anneka Rogers to Emily Austin created a 2 on 1 attack. Emily Austin was closed down by the defender so she slipped the ball to Anneka Rogers who hit the ball first time which was saved by the keeper. Anneka Rogers pounced on the rebound with a reverse hit to make the score 2-1 before half time.
Weymouth were proud at half time and felt that they had finally settled into the new formation. Weymouth had a couple areas to work on and they proceeded on to start the second half.
Weymouth pushed out hard, forcing Yeovil into their half and making them play difficult balls. Yeovil had a few breakaway attacks but this was quickly closed down by the on-form quartet: Naomi Gadian, Jacqui Riddler, Sophie Foot and Olivia Culbreath, distributing the ball up-field to a newfound partnership between Casey Foot and Anneka Rogers in midfield.
More attacking play upfront by Weymouth, led to several shots on goal and eventually a penalty flick being given due to a foot on the line. Lynda Drewitt stepped up to take the flick and struck it well, but unfortunately it went just shy of the left post.
Excellent play by Lynda Drewitt and Emily Austin upfront dispossessed the Yeovil defenders and took it upon themselves to drive forward. The first shot by Lynda Drewitt was saved by the keeper and so was the second shot by Emily Austin. Luckily, the ball trickled pass the keeper but this was put into the back of the goal by Caitlin Dive, creating a 3-1 lead to Weymouth.
Further creative play allowed Emily Austin to have a shot on goal, which was saved, but she too took advantage of the rebound and scored Weymouth’s fourth of the match, making the final score 4-1 and an elated Weymouth.

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