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Sat 08
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Final score Weymouth 2, Frome 1

Final score Weymouth 2, Frome 1

By Susie Stone
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a very physical match

Team list: Emily Austin ©, Anneka Rogers, Casey Foot, Caitlin Dive, Lara Blundell, Wendy Butcher, Lyndsey Melhuish, Chloe Van Crugten, Jo Brazier, Jacqui Riddler, Alice Craven, Rachael Bustin, Emily Sauven, Chloe Carter-Miles

Weymouth 1’s V Frome

Weymouth hosted Frome at home for the final game against Frome this season. They drew their first match 2-2 and Weymouth were anticipating a usually physical match against Frome.
The game started well with Weymouth and Frome both pressing hard when they were attacking the ball. This paid off for the Frome side who made some tidy passes around the Weymouth defence and scored in the first 5 minutes, making the score 1-0.
Weymouth were highly disappointed with this and were keen to push back at the Frome side. Weymouth had several attacks and many shots on goal but unfortunately all these were stopped a good Frome keeper. Captain Emily Austin led from the front and displayed good skills in attack, winning several short corners in a row, all of which were stopped by the Frome keeper.
They Weymouth defence were disciplined after the original slip up and kept Frome attacks to a minimum, with Alice Craven in goal putting the final stop to the Frome attacks.
Talks a half time, led by Andy Stiles and Emily Austin, identified areas where Weymouth need to focus on and Anneka Rogers and Casey Foot were instructed to keep a more pivotal role in the middle of the pitch, aiming to create width and space for the attackers to run into.
This worked well in the first part of the match with the Weymouth defence keeping all attacks at bay and the midfield pushing passes out wide to Chloe Van Crugten, Emily Austin and Rachael Bustin.
An attack by Frome was quickly extinguished when Anneka Rogers dispossessed the ball in Weymouth’s 25 yard box and ran with the ball up the right hand side of the pitch, almost the entire length, when she saw an excellent run by Rachel Bustin in the middle and passed the ball to her at the top of the D. Rachael carefully played the ball in front of her and a diagonal strike to the left hand side stumped the keeper and put Weymouth back in contention.
Frome were getting rattled by the numerous Weymouth attacks and became verbally abusive to both players and umpires, resulting in a Weymouth player being threatened by the Frome keeper. The umpires kept their cool and spoke to both captains to calm the Frome side down and continue with the game.
Weymouth kept strong and had an excellent attack upfront by Chloe Van Crugten, whose efforts were saved by the keeper. Caitlin Dive took the long corner, passing back to Jacqui Riddler, who struck the ball into goal scorer Rachel Bustin, who skilfully ran around a player and struck the ball into the far right corner, putting Weymouth in front with a 2-1 lead.
This infuriated Frome more and whilst attacking a decision when against the Frome side. This got under the skin of one player completely who shouted unnecessarily at the umpire, who cautioned the player with a green card. This didn’t stop the Frome player from continuing to argue and she was given a yellow card and sent off the pitch for 5 minutes.
Weymouth kept their cool during this time, running down the clock as to prevent any Frome attacks or slip ups. The whistle blew; ending 2-1 and a delighted Weymouth after what was a very physical match.

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