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Sat 15
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Weymouth V Mendip final score 2 -1

Weymouth V Mendip final score 2 -1

By Susie Stone
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Man of the match- Jacqui Riddler

Players- Emily Austin, Anneka Rogers, Alice Craven, Jacqui Riddler, Wendy Butcher, Naomi Gadian, Susie Stone, Casey Foot, Chloe Van Crugten, Chloe Carter Miles, Rachael Bustin, Emily Sauven, Caitlin Dive, Lara Blundell

Weymouth hosted second in the league side Mendip at home for their second meet this season, after a win in the first game, Weymouth were keen to get another win under their belt, but were still cautious due to Mendip’s excellent season record.
Mendip started fast and pushed players forward, pushing Weymouth back into their own half, leading to several mistakes by players, but luckily with no effect on the score line.
Weymouth then seemed to wake up and pressed the Mendip side deep into their own, with at times only one Mendip player being inside their half. Creative play by midfielders Casey Foot and Anneka Rogers, led to a pass to Emily Austin on the right, who subsequently won Weymouth a short corner and a chance on goal. This was succeeded by a foot in the D and another short corner awarded to the Weymouth side. Weymouth kept their composure and a straight strike by Rachael Bustin was saved by the keeper, but quickly pounced upon by Chloe Van Crugten, who slotted the ball into the back of the net.
Weymouth kept the momentum up, playing the ball nicely between players and giving the Mendip side a good run around. A quick spurt up field by sweeper Wendy Butcher and a well timed hit into the D, gave striker Rachael Bustin the chance to deflect the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net.
Half time whistle blew and Weymouth were pleased with their performance and possession, but wanted to keep the healthy score line.
Weymouth started the second half with lack lustre and the defence failed to pick up and mark players leading to a disorganised Weymouth side. Weymouth continued to battle though and kept relatively strong.
Unfortunately, this lack of discipline resulted in a strike outside the D from a Mendip midfielder, which was left by the Weymouth defence, only to be picked up by a Mendip attacker on the goal line, who wrong footed keeper Alice Craven and made the score line 2-1.
Weymouth were disappointed with this lack of discipline and fought to regain some composure and structure which they did. They kept the passes to small, accurate play and this kept the Mendip side at bay.
The game ended with some good attacking play by Weymouth and another 3 points on the board, putting Weymouth 4th in the league, with a very closely run race. Weymouth play top of the league Swanage and Wareham away this week.

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Sat 15, Mar 2014




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