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Stunning effort by Cyclones not quite enough

Stunning effort by Cyclones not quite enough

By steve crook
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The girls gave their all…

Winter League - 02/09/22

Cyclones Give a great account of themselves

White Cross Cyclones 22 Chevrons Blues 25

The talk in the corridor was a bit nervy but also the girls seemed quite relaxed about facing their opponents, maybe they thought they had nothing to lose?

Quarter 1 started relatively evenly with goals being exchanged evenly before Chevrons started to pull away. The girls were giving their all and covering so much of the court, very impressive to see the amount of effort being shown. The quarter ended with Chevrons leading 8:5, Connie scoring 3 goals and Elisa 2.

Quarter 2 was perhaps the toughest quarter, Chevrons got in a bit of a role, and although the White Cross girls dug in, we just couldn’t get hold of the ball enough to get close to the slick Chevrons side, the quarter ended with Chevrons leading 14:7, Elisa and Lois were both on target scoring a goal each.

A brief team chat, followed by a roaring cry of Cyclones seemed to gee up the girls, and they came out all guns blazing in quarter 3, they quickly started to pull back the Cyclones advantage, what a come back it was, the quarter ended with the score at 17:16 in Chevrons favour, Lois scoring 6 goals and Connie 3.

So it was all to play for in quarter 4, Cyclones threw everything they could at Chevrons, but it was just not to be, and after a very gallant effort the match ended with Chevrons winning by 25 to 22, Lois scoring 4 goals and Connie 2.

Although a defeat, what a performance by the girls, I think they liked the thought of being the under dogs, they certainly gave their all, and represented their club superbly.

Emma, Eve, Mathilda, Amy and Jess all played their part in defence nullifying plenty of Chevrons attacks and keeping them at bay as best they could.

Alice, Lucy and Maddie worked their socks off in the centre and wing, I can’t imagine how many yards they covered in the match, but their huffing and puffing at the end of each quarter showed how much effort and energy they were putting in!

Elisa, Connie and Lois in attack all played their part with some great movement and shooting alike causing all sorts of problems for the Chevrons defence.

So, Cyclone’s first defeat of the season, but such a brave effort which saw them almost snatch victory. As each match goes by they seem to be improving as a unit and they should all be very proud of themselves, their parents certainly were!

Next up is Reckitts Airwick, kick off 1pm (sorry still in getting used to being a netball coach and not a rugby one!)

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