Sat 17
1st xv
Sat 17
Bristol Harlequins
Lady Luck was back!

Lady Luck was back!

By Dean Weaver
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Unfortunately so was Ex-player Dave (don't care about your second name), turned REF!

Apologies but work has been hectic with meetings etc, so no full match report.

Quins scoring first down the Blindside through dominance in the first 10 mins of the game, conversion missed.

Ref about to Sin Bin me for kicking a ball???

Penalty kick scored by Quins.

Weaver making a 110 metre break to set up the first try for Ryan Anglais from a lineout ;o) Conversion scored.

Another penalty scored by Quins.

Penalty kick scored by Whitehall.

Halftime 11-10 to Quins (I think).

Luke Colton kicking through some sloppy hands from Quins just before the half way line, and chasing his own kick, unfortunately Jordon "I've got" Wood tripped Luke up and dived onto the ball over the try line himself (I mean, good support play Woody ;o), conversion scored.

Whitehall leading 17-11 (5 mins to go)

Ref deciding to Sin Bin 2 Whitehall players 1 min inbetween each other (None of us know why "Black Lomu" was done for).

Allowing Quins to easily score 10 metres from the posts, luckily Quins wanted us to stay up in the League instead of Yatton (for a better derby day I imagine) and missed the conversion.

17-16 final score to Whitehall.

Prick of the Match- The Ref (Dave, whatever your name is). This was decided by EVERYONE for both teams. Not just for the strange decisions on the pitch, but also the pre-match talk to both teams where all we heard from you was, me, me, me, me, I'm getting assessed make me look good, me! I think we ended up with Alan Roland's long lost Cousin :o(

In general some really good rugby by both teams. Defence and spirit was equally as good for Whitehall, not just for last 5 mins of the game, when down to 13 men, but throughout. Some lacksy daisy errors were made, but we can work on those at TRAINING. That's where it starts boys.

Thank you and goodnight

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