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1st team match report against Hornets

1st team match report against Hornets

By Dean Weaver
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Bunch of Beach Donkeys

No game of two half’s this week, as this was personal. After their embarrassing defeat to Whitehall’s brave (half of which were 2nd team) players, their proud 2 year unbeaten at Home record was SMASHED, Hornets were looking for revenge (in the form of blood). Conditions were good, strong wind from post to post throughout the first half (changed in the 2nd). Whitehall going into the wind first half. Hornets unfortunately led the way in the first 20 mins, White’s defence holding out for a while but eventually broke with Hornets scoring a Try on the blind, conversion missed. 2nd try came from White’s own scrum. Ball was kicked by Hornets, Mike Allen fumbling, when the ball squirts out 10 metres from our try line, their 7 was first to react (and not offside) to scoop up and run in untouched, conversion scored, 12-0 Hornets.

Two things that let us down that day was making the right decisions and executing our chances (me being one of them as you read on ;o) Tide started to turn when Whitehall realised we can attack the Hornet’s nest. We kept possession and camped out on their line for a good 10 mins. The decision to take a scrum instead of 3 points might of proven costly in the game. But I understand the decision as Hornets number 4 was Sin Binned. Unfortunately Hornets defence was solid and held for a turn over ball. At this point Hornets were getting cocky, even though they were only 12-0 up. Their smiles quickly turned upside down when Channon picked up and drove the Hornets Captain into touch (apparently not hearing the whistle being blown ;o)7ft and 18 stone El Capitano did not like this invasion of Privacy and got fruity with Channon. Thus came the 30 man punch up after calls of the old 99 coming from the two’s on their 3rd team pitch! LOL. Nothing serious, but the Hornets crowd who now retrieved their saddles from their Donkey's on the Beach, were now riding the Ref all game with hatred and disapproval of all things rugby. Hornets player’s now realising they couldn’t piss all over us anymore, took things a bit more seriously (until the last 15 mins anyway). Halftime 12-0 Hornets.

Whitehall now knowing they were still in it, needed the first score, and it nearly came. Channon making an excellent break by the ruck area had a Hornet’s player on his back (not literally folks) and the 15 to beat, sensibly passed to Weaver on his inside for a certain Try, but the silly twat dropped it (I don’t knnow why either). That would of changed the game for us and I would of probably been writing a different report! :o( As it happened Whitehall started to get tired around the park and were falling off half hearted tackles, allowing them to score 2 more Tries, one being converted. At least we showed them how to score a good try. Great inter linking between Jack and Jake down the blind with Channon involved again. Almost ballsed it up with Jake passing to what looked like to me but was meant for Jack, he left it and went to floor. Weaver scooping it up to keep it alive, passing to Jake (I think) who went through 2 tackles to offload to Dan Colton for a good supporting line, conversion scored, 24-7 final score to Hornets. Unfortunately we lost Luke Colton to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory work force that includes Dane weaver, Mike Fizzy, Tom Fry, Tommy Tobin and Bob Marley, with a bad shoulder (no the other one).

Notable performance again from Ryan “I look Homeless” England, good running from Mike Allen and the ever reliable Badger in the line out and around the park. As usual Whitehall spared no expense in hiring our best Michelin Star Chef in Bristol to make their famous curry for the Hornets players and lovable crowd. Only for the pricks to f*ck off without telling us! Luckily we have sent the bill to their Sour Grapes Foundation, set up on the 19th November 2011 ;o)

Man of the Match- Channon, he def had fire in his belly for this one (and his Dad but that’s a different story between the Ref and Hornet’s players) LOL.

Prick of the Match- that would be me then :o(

Sportsmanship Award- goes to the Hornet’s Fans on the line.

Big game against Stroud this week boys, and as always, starts with Training!

Comments and Facts welcome, but remember I play the game as well ;o)

Weaver Writes

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