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Team Sponsors

Club Sponsor  - D E Price Plastering
Club sponsor  - Shield - fire & security
Club - LA Clark
Club sponsor  - Motoparts Downend
Club sponsor - Travis Perkins
Roof sponsor  - Kingscourt Cladding
Club sponsor  - Thompson Utilities
Club sponsor  - St  Austell
Club Sponsor - Rhodes events Management
SIG plc Insulation, Exteriors & Interiors
Club Sponsor - AGE SCaffolding
Club Sponsor - The Greyhound
Club Sponsor - The Golden Lion Fishponds
Club Sponsor - Orchard Mobility
Club Sponsor & Cider & Beer festival sponsor - A Plant
Wasps Shirt Sponsors  - Good Morning Disposables
Club Sponsor - Sheffield Insulations
First XV Sponsor - Golding’s Gardeners