2021 Sign On Information

2021 Sign On Information

By Anthony Thompson
28 February
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2021 Sign On

Dear Parents/Players.

The following should outline what YOU need to do to register for the club in the 2021 season. Due to Covid we are unable to hold our usual sign on day, so we are going to sign on virtually in 2021. It is important you read everything carefully.

If you need any help with Step 1, 2 and 3 please email whitleybaybarbarians@gmail.com

If you need any help with Step 4 please email or call the following - leaguenetsupport@rfl.co.uk
0330 111 1113

At a recent committee meeting it was agreed that the club would reduce fees for ALL players in 2021 and subs for the year will be £50 paid up front or £5 direct debit per month. This is to acknowledge the impact of last year and the probable impact of the virus in 2021. How to pay is outlined below.

Please follow all 4 steps below and you will not be classed as fully registered until all 4 steps are complete.

Step 1 - Register on Club Website

Please register on the clubs website via the following link.


Any registrations on the website from previous years have been deleted.

Step 2 - Subs

The club will be cancelling all current payments via the website. All you have to do is click on the following link and pick the best option for you. £50 upfront or £5 per month. All direct debits should start from April 1st 2021.


Please note the £5 per month must be kept running for 12 months per year. Please start all DD for the 1st of each month, if this is not possible then within the first 7 days of the month.

Step 3 - Consent, Medical and Emergency Contact Info

Please click on the following link and complete the online form.


Step 4 - RFL Registration

Please read the following carefully, this must be completed so your son/daughter is insured via the RFL and they are not eligible to play games until this is complete.

Due to the nature of our club, with 4 sections ( Boys, Girls, Mens and Womens) please make sure you click on the correct link to register.

Re-Registering players please read the following first before clicking on the sign on link.


New Players please read the following first before clicking on the sign on link.


You should now have read how to sign on depending on if you are re-registering or a new player. Now can you please register via the correct link.

Girls in Year 7 upto and including Year 11


Girls in Year 6 and below


U18 Girls and Women (Year 12 and upwards).


Open Age Men (16 +)


Boys Section (Year 11 and below)


We are looking forward to a better 2021 season and we hope you are all looking forward to joining our ever growing and developing club.


Whitley Bay Barbarians Committee

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